The mask left behind at Three Rivers

Le masque délaissé à Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS | all in all, a bit of Trifluviens tend to wear a cover-face by frequenting the shops of their city, was able to see VAT News Monday, Montreal announced that it will make the mask-wearing compulsory at the end of the month.

A survey house over the noon hour in front of a hardware store Canac of Trois-Rivières reveals that only 28 persons on 130, that is, 21 % of people, wear a mask when they go in the shops.

Data confirmed by the store manager. “It looks like this, has entrusted Daniel Vézina. It is much less than half of that.”

The same test performed in a trade to the large surface area of the carrefour Trois-Rivières-Ouest, in the afternoon this time, found that 28 % of people wore the mask. However, the majority of the citizens consulted would agree to that Quebec made it mandatory.

But it is compulsory or not, the important thing according to the director of the museum, POP in Trois-Rivières, Valerie Therrien, would be to have a clear directive. “It is clear: we must respect a family unit. It is clear, he is respected. When there will be a clear rule, yes we can, no we can’t, it will become much easier,” she believes.


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