The mask makers in high demand

Les fabricants de masques en forte demande

The manufacture of masks became a veritable industry since the déconfinement began. Several doing business in gold, while others have converted their production since the government announced that it was mandatory in enclosed public places.

Since the 13th of July last, when François Legault announced that the wearing of the mask was now mandatory in enclosed public places, this little piece of fabric has become a part of our daily lives.

But to be able to wear it, the mask must first be made.

“We are not talking about a product that is very complex to produce,” agrees Melanie Couture, owner of Bubulle, and Jujube, which specializes in the manufacture of products on hand intended for young children.

Since the announcement, Ms. Couture has literally transformed his basement to add a section on “masks” to his workshop.

“Just in the morning, when, on the news, we talked about that [the law] was going to be announced during the day, the sales have begun to return. We talk about 250 commands that are returned the day of Tuesday, where the law was announced”, she said.

At the shop at Licornerie, in the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal, in Montreal, the demand for the masks has soared since a few weeks.

“Compared to the month of June, it is easily five times more masks, maybe even a little more, that we sell at this time,” said David Chevrier.

Even the tailors were a part of. Jean-Sébastien Gamache from Gamache Tailleur, admits that he did it first not make, but that the situation pushed him to change his gun to the shoulder.

Because for some customers, it has become a fashion accessory which must match with the rest.

“When it comes to a tailor made suit, you give the colors of the pockets, and there, it has become of the masks,” he says.

“As long as wearing it, it’s got to be comfortable,” says, for its part, Geneviève Poitras.

Like what the pandemic is a disruption that brings its own batch of opportunities of which some have been able to capitalize.

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