The mask mandatory in Kingston

Le masque obligatoire à Kingston

The city of Kingston, Ontario, has made masks mandatory in all public places interior following the discovery of an outbreak of contamination in a beauty salon and care.

Sixteen people, including six employees who attended the Binh’s Nail & Spa in Kingston have received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19, last Thursday. The health authorities of the city have, therefore, recommended to 500 individuals have visited the place since its reopening, two weeks ago, go get tested and to observe a quarantine of 14 days.

It is estimated, however, that the situation was taken care of quickly enough, but that additional cases could be added to the test suite.

As a precautionary measure, Dr. Kieran Moore, medical officer of health of the greater Kingston, has made it mandatory for the wearing of the mask, in particular in grocery stores, restaurants, salons care, and public transportation. A fine of$ 5000 could accompany the non-compliance by a company.

The Binh’s Nail & Spa, which reopened its doors on 12 June, the employees were wearing masks, but not to most customers. The salon does not clean its instruments properly, a-t-is added in the report of the public health.

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