The mask required in the public transport of the Ottawa in mid-June

Le masque exigé dans les transports en commun d'Ottawa dès la mi-juin

OTTAWA, Unlike the citizens of Gatineau, who live west of the Ottawa river will be required to get used to wearing a mask when they take public transport.

In effect, the manager of the public transportation in the federal capital, OC Transpo announced that all of its customers and employees will be required to wear at least a mask, reusable fabric to be able to climb aboard.

“It is necessary to wear the mask before entering the stations and boarding the buses, the trains, the vehicles of Para Transpo and the taxi contract”, has detailed the OC Transpo transitway.

The measure will come into force on the 15 June, in view of the return to normal on the transportation network, with an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads.

In addition, customers will be able to be on the rise again from the front in the bus, which will free up space, while the drivers will be protected by barriers of plexiglas.

During this time, the Société de transport de l’outaouais recommends wearing a mask, but does not require it, to the image of other companies of transport of Quebec.

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