The masks are still not mandatory in the hospitals of the North Shore

Les masques toujours pas obligatoires dans les hôpitaux de la Côte-Nord

More than three months after the beginning of the pandemic, the ministry of Health continues to strongly recommend the wearing of masks in hospitals, but without making it mandatory.

By doing this, the public health of the North Shore does not intend to impose the wearing of the mask to the citizens of the region who must travel to the hospital.

For the consulting physician in public health at the CISSS de la Côte-Nord, Dr. Claudette Come, it is not necessary to make the mask mandatory in the hospital because Quebec is a “free society”.

“In Quebec, there has never requested that the vaccination is mandatory, and it has very good covers vaccine. I think this might just stay a volunteer, explained the doctor Come. You can’t force a person there, you will not person in jail!”.

Rather, it requires, according to her, awareness of the importance of wearing a mask in hospitals for the safety of visitors, patients and hospital staff.

The mask required for visits in NURSING homes

In a press release issued Monday by the end of the day, the CISSS de la Côte-Nord stated that visits to ‘ centres of long-term accommodation (NURSING homes), homes for the elderly (RPPS), intermediate resources (RI) and family-type resources (RTF) are now permitted.” These visits, however, are permitted only in facilities where there is no outbreak of the COVID-19.

Also, wearing a mask will be mandatory for visitors in these facilities, and this, as much for the carers as visitors. The latter will be denied access if they have symptoms of the COVID-19, if they are in quarantine or awaiting a test result of testing for the coronavirus.

This is in addition to other conditions, such as the wearing of personal protective equipment and clothing clean and distancing physical. The number of persons allowed per visit is limited depending on the type of living environment.

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