The math teacher got fired for “naked photos” in all correspondence

Lauren Miranda sent his naked picture to the partner

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Учительницу математики уволили из-за "голого фото" в переписке

The teacher was fired for Nude photos online

Teacher from new York (USA) Lauren Miranda got fired for “naked selfies”. The woman was asked to leave the school when the students began to consider the lessons a shot of her Topless. However, she Lauren said his dismissal was illegal and demands compensation for moral damage – three million dollars. About the teacher, you naughty photos broke a career, learned the correspondent of “Today” Julia Begletsova.

Your candid shot of Lauren, Miranda and forwarded to the partner in private correspondence a few years ago. “This photo has never been published. Where it took the million-dollar question,” says she.

The students considered the teacher of mathematics from January. But now Lauren has decided to dismiss, saying she sets a bad example to pupils and spoils the image of the teacher. This situation, the school administration has not commented, but the parents of the students a Nude photos of Lauren is not consider a crime.

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Lawyer Miranda is confident that with a male teacher this would not have happened, and will require three million dollars in compensation for his ward. “Men consistently demonstrate the chest, and no one had a problem. But when a woman does such as in our case, it remains without work”, – says John ray, the attorney for Lauren Miranda.

Lawyer Lauren are unlikely to accept teacher from new York, Matthew Maleski. He worked as a teacher defectologist, while his naked torso was not seen in the photo on the social network. And then there were videos where the teacher without clothes dancing in a nightclub.

We will remind, grown-up schoolboy took revenge on the teacher who humiliated him 20 years ago. In addition, we wrote to the conflict of teacher with the student’s father ended a brutal fight.

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Учительницу математики уволили из-за "голого фото" в переписке

Учительницу математики уволили из-за "голого фото" в переписке

Учительницу математики уволили из-за "голого фото" в переписке


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