The mayor of Atlanta, tested positive for the Covid-19

La mairesse d’Atlanta testée positive au Covid-19

Washington | mayor of the u.s. city of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose name has been advanced as a possible colistière the democratic candidate for the presidential Joe Biden, announced Tuesday, have been tested positive to the new coronavirus.

“The COVID-19 has literally reached the house. I had no symptoms and I was tested positive, ” tweeted Keisha Lance Bottoms.

She explained on CNN that she and her husband, also diagnosed positive Covid-19, had decided to test because the latter was sleeping more than usual since Thursday.

“I’m always in a state of shock because I have no idea of the manner in which we have been exposed “, she said.

She had put on the account of allergies, mild symptoms that she presented, headache, and dry cough.

Anticipated as being possible colistière Joe Biden, she is particularly known for a speech poignant on the 29th of may.

While Atlanta (Georgia), in the south of the united States, broke out in the wake of the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man asphyxiated by a white policeman, she had called on the rioters to go home.

The United States is the country most affected in the world by the pandemic Covid-19, both in the number of cases (2 931 142), and death (130 of 248), according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university.

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