The mayor of Portland to spray tear gas during a demonstration

Le maire de Portland aspergé de gaz lacrymogène lors d’une manifestation

The mayor of Portland, in the u.s. State of Oregon, has been sprayed tear gas on Wednesday night while he was at the meeting protesting against the police violence and the deployment of federal agents ordered by the president Donald Trump in various cities of the country.

Democrat Ted Wheeler, who wore goggles and a mask, was escorted away from the crowd in the middle of a cloud of gas, show images AFP.

“I’m not going to lie, it stings. Hard to breathe “, he told the New York Times.

“And I can tell you in all honesty, I haven’t seen anything that justifies the” use of tear gas, he added, in speaking of a “disproportionate response of the federal agents” and even ” urban warfare “.

The city police said that protesters had thrown flares and bottles incendiary on the federal court, causing small fires.

Mr. Wheeler himself is criticized by many protesters in Portland because the police often used tear gas in the past to disperse demonstrators, until a judge orders to limit this practice.

Thousands of demonstrators have again marched Wednesday night in the big city of Oregon. The movement had begun, as elsewhere in the country, after the death of the middle-aged black George Floyd at the end of may under the knee of a white policeman.

This is amplified when arrived, federal police officers in Portland. In many videos posted on the social networks, we see these agents in paramilitary outfit, and without a badge visible for identification, use unmarked cars to detain protesters, stoking the embers of ire popular.

Donald Trump, who made particular campaign on the return to “order,” announced Wednesday boost the number of federal agents in Chicago and other cities after a surge in crime and shootings.

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