The mayor of Saint-André-de-Valborgne, Régis Bourelly relaxed

The mayor of Saint-André-de-Valborgne, Régis Bourelly relaxed

Le maire Régis Bourelly a obtenu gain de cause. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Le maire était poursuivi devant le tribunal correctionnel d’Alès pour avoir déplacé ou soustrait un dictaphone.

The case has been going on for years through numerous proceedings before the criminal and administrative courts.

In the latest episode, the mayor of Saint-André-de-Valborgne, Régis Bourelly, fighting with an opponent, the former elected official Camille Halut, has just won case before the criminal court of Alès.

The mayor, accused of having tried to steal a dictaphone or simply move it, depending on which side of the bar you are on, was finally cleared.

An affair worthy of Clochemerle

The court pronounced an acquittal in accordance with the requisitions of the public prosecutor, who had little appreciation "the instrumentalization of justice in a story that could be resolved at the ballot box."

With this decision, the affair worthy of Clochemerle could be closed.

During the debates, the mayor maintained "having moved the recorder while the municipal council was ending and everyone was putting away their affairs", while the opponent through his counsel, Me Julie Peladan, had focused his pleading on the "subtraction of the apparatus against a backdrop of denial of democracy."

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