The mayor of the French city resigned because of the “Nude” pictures

Мэр французского города ушел в отставку из-за "обнаженных" снимков

Unknown woman had sent Nude photos of the mayor of Le Havre employees of the municipality and the French Prime Minister. The mayor of the French city of Le Havre Luc Lemonnier resigned in connection with the scandal surrounding photos that he appeared in the Nude. On Wednesday, March 21, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent. It is noted that the racy photos of 50-year-old Lemonnier was sent to employees of the municipality and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who previously held the post of mayor of Le Havre. In the beginning of the week on radio France Bleu Normandie sounded an interview in which a woman who refused to give his name, said that he had sent scandalous pictures. She claims that Lemonnier tried to seduce her by sending your photo in the Nude. The official denies the woman’s words. “I decided to resign. This decision, taken after much deliberation, due to the need to protect my family and my loved ones,” said the mayor, who is the father of four children. Lemonnier has served as head of the port city of Le Havre in Normandy in may 2017, replacing in this post the current Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.


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