The mayor of Washington requested the withdrawal of federal forces and military

La maire de Washington demande le retrait des forces fédérales et militaires

Washington | The mayor of Washington dc Muriel Bowser was asked Friday to Donald Trump, the withdrawal of the federal forces and military personnel deployed around the White House in the american capital, where events follow each other for six days.

“The protesters have been peaceful, and last night, the police (Washington) has not made any arrest,” writes Ms. Bowser in a letter to the american president. “I therefore request that you withdraw all the forces of the order of federal and military reinforcement of Washington”.

The local police, she said, “is well equipped to manage the major events and activities under the first amendment” of the U.s. Constitution, which guarantees the right to protest.

Ms. Bowser also denounces patrols of security forces not identified in the streets of the city.

The u.s. government has deployed significant forces and federal military to repel hundreds of protesters who protest every day against the police violence after the death of George Floyd, an African-American, 46 years old, at the hands of police in Minneapolis on may 25.

A rally near the White House has been punctuated with incidents Sunday evening. A church iconic has been degraded.

Donald Trump has assumed this deployment of force, believing that the authorities had to “dominate” the overflows.

Since a few days, these reinforcements have expanded on several streets in the perimeter of protection of the White House, violating the jurisdiction of the city council.

A collective of urban artists painted on Friday morning on one of the arteries leading to the White House in all capital letters, the slogan “Black Lives Matter” denouncing the police brutality against the black minority.

The initiative, commissioned by the municipality of Washington, for the purpose of “take back the streets, but it is also a bit of a communication operation”, commented to AFP Rose Jaffe, one of the artists of the collective Wall DC.

“It will be necessary to continue when the paint will be gone,” she added, requesting that the “police accountability”.

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