The McDonald's in Béziers Courondelle recruits its future employees with disabilities

The McDonald's in Béziers Courondelle recruits its future employees with disabilities

The McDonald's in Béziers Courondelle recruits its future employees with disabilities

Rebecca, Alina and Kévin, recruited by the Courondelle restaurant, around their trainer Rémy Provost. ML – Célia Bordet

The fast food brand in Béziers is looking for candidates to fill certain positions. The establishment located in the La Courondelle district with the collaboration of France Travail Capiscol (formerly Pôle emploi), has joined forces with Handiwork, a company specializing in the inclusion of people with disabilities, in order to meet this demand.

As part of a tripartite operation between the McDonald's franchise, the France Travail du Capiscol agency and the specialized company Handiwork in the training and recruitment of people with disabilities, the McDonald's brand from Béziers to La Courondelle has carried out a recruitment phase. The establishment needed to hire 4 people. Philippe Pouzoles, supervisor of the restaurants belonging to Jean-Marc Thouvenoud, explains: "This fully corresponds to our current need, the internship offers the complete range of training to go  at their own pace&nbsp ;and integrate our workforce."

Émilie Bessiere, market director and manager of the restaurant in question, adds: "It's a real social action. A return to employment towards versatile team member positions for deaf and mute people and others with reading difficulties. With a favorable environment, as Philippe Pouzoles explains: “We have the ergonomics of the place to carry out this type of project. Our teams are involved and there is a unifying aspect around the system." The human dimension comes into play with the signing at the end, for some, of a contract. Émilie Bessiere says: "A 30-hour permanent contract is offered depending on the profiles, it  ;#39;is a win-win for everyone."

The flexibility of training

The public establishment France Travail also acts as a link between the parties. The Capiscol agency in Béziers played its role, as Frédéric Ferré, the director, and Patrick Camilleri, the agent who led the process, underline in unison: "C' This is an action that takes place at least once a year for the McDonald's brand. We provided 4 people likely to match the profile, with training lasting 8 weeks. The trainer is very present at the start, to the point of allowing the person a certain autonomy. In the end, a job was offered to Rebecca, Alina and Kévin, with a part-time permanent contract and a final profile which could not be incorporated due to family constraints. Frédéric Ferré welcomes such an initiative: "The brand really plays the game. They are in favor of such an operation and never hesitate when it comes to working for people with disabilities."

The McDonald's in Béziers Courondelle recruits its future employees with disabilities

All stakeholders gathered around the Handiwork project at the McDonald's de la Courondelle in Béziers. ML – Rémy RUGIERO

Specific support

Handiwork therefore intervenes at the Courondelle restaurant and sets up its system as part of the “Nouvelles chances” project. Financed by the Occitanie Region, the European Social Fund and AGEFIPH (National Association for the Management of the Fund for the Professional Integration of Disabled People), the company offers its integration skills. Célia Bordet, project manager, explains: "Handiwork recruitment aims to support and integrate these job seekers. Our trainer Rémy Provost provides a complete assessment after having developed the learning of the function. The collective information put in place upstream is essential in order to make the experience the most positive. Regular interviews take place with the company to refine needs: "For this type of position in catering, some candidates may have reservations about welcoming the public or ;#39;other specificities. This avoids confusion and saves us precious time."

A procession of helpers

Handiwork is a training organization, a solidarity utility company. social since 2017. With the main objective of supporting people with disabilities in business, relying on a network of 75 trainers who help interested parties ;s through gesture and practice. By this specificity, the companyé is in demand, for example with Lidl in 2020 already. &agrav; Béziers. On average, 60% of hires are made with this system.

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