The memory of Jean Lapierre honored

La mémoire de Jean Lapierre honorée

The family of the late Jean Lapierre is moved that a portion of route 139 in Granby now bears his name.

“It is very touching and it makes our family very proud to see this sign,” said the daughter of former politician and political columnist, Marie-Anne Lapierre.

Marie-Anne and Jean-Michel Lapierre, the children of the late Jean Lapierre, as well as his grandson, Lénox, near route 139 in Granby, June 22, 2020 for the inauguration of this section of the road that bears his name.

The minister of Transportation and member of provincial parliament for Granby, François Bonnardel, made the announcement Monday.

Jean Lapierre was installed in the region in 1973 and he was elected as a federal mp from 1979 to 1992 in the electoral district of Shefford.

“His memory will be honored in a very, very long time, and it will allow the people here to remember him,” said the minister.

The stretch that will bear the name is about 8 km and connects highway 10 to the main street of Granby.

“It would have made laugh to know that people are going to drive him over,” said with a sense of humor macfarlane.

“It’s going to allow her grandchildren to realize that their grand-father left a trace in the region and it really touches me a lot,” she added.

Character unforgettable

Jean Lapierre died on march 29, 2016 in a plane crash near the airport of le Havre-aux-Maisons, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, when he went to the funeral of his father. His wife, his sister and his two brothers were also in that plane.

His death had caused a shock wave across Quebec, especially in the world of politics and media.

He has been political columnist for several years, notably on the networks TVA and LCN.

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