The memory of Kuzma Skryabin: the best songs and quotes musician

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“Light raptovo have snicko. Tisha pillows colise. Maybe for cram noch, T. Ochi shte vachris…” these are the words of the song are Ruslana and Alexander Ksenofontov, which they dedicated to the Ukrainian singer, producer, writer Andrey Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin).

The leader of the group “Skryabin” Andrey Kuzmenko died in a traffic accident on 2 February 2015. This tragic event has stirred up Ukraine, because Kuzma was the idol of millions, a volunteer for thousands, friend, Advisor, actor, producer for many Ukrainians. Today, August 17, he would have turned 51 years old.

We decided to remember what it was in their expressions about Ukraine and songs. The song is a dedication to Kuzma friend and colleague Ruslan wrote together with her husband Alexander by Ksenofontova. Just a day after the song went viral today, words have been quoted throughout Ukraine. “Every time I sing that song, sings it Kuzma. I wrote it, but it’s not my song, this is his song. As soon as I learned that he was gone, and a couple of hours passed, a little bit of stress, and the first thing I did was record the song. It was like his soul is written”, – told Ruslan about the creation of the song in the special “Kuzma. Unsaid” by the channel “Ukraine” together with the Ukrainian service of “Radio Liberty”.

“Ti Ochi shte vachris”

Just a few days before the death of the singer of his group “Skryabin” released a song called “End of film”. The song was planned to include in the previous album, but this did not happen and she was left waiting in the wings. As it turned out, the lyrics were prophetic for Kuzma.

“Kinets FLA”

Just one day before the death of Kuzma “Skryabin” presented a new video for the song “Dolphins”. The song “Scriabin” – with deep meaning and simple words.


The song “Mom” singer dedicated to a friend – mom.


In the texts Kuzma began to emerge social issues. For example, the song “People Yak korabl” addressed to Yulia Tymoshenko. “Ti’s not my sister” – sings it Kuzma.

“People Yak korabl”

There is an opinion that the song “SPI sobi sama” is dedicated to the wife of Andrew, Svetlana. Kuzma said that it can be interpreted in different ways: “the meaning of the song can be interpreted so that the uncle just walked away from their women for fish or there to drink beer, here “SPI sobi sama, if bilya tebe NEMA mene”. And we can remember the movie “Ghost” where the situation was much more serious when the man died, but remained beside his wife in the way of the spirit, and receive the same”.

“SPI sobi sama”

In 2003, Kuzma recorded a clip with Irina Bilyk’s song “Movchaty”. In this clip the audience has opened a new side of Andrew, lyrical, romantic, affectionate and sensual. The song has a story. One night, Kuzma had the phrase “Let’s vklucheno light and will movchati”.


Few people have heard about the beautiful duet Kuzma “Scriabin” and NoraLasso. The song “Fan” was recorded in 2011. In the same year the group “Skryabin” gave a joint concert with the band NoraLasso.


Also a musician with his band not afraid to experiment. They recorded together with DJ Tapolsky song “Let go”.

“Let me go”

Best quotes Kuzma Scriabin

“Man subculture, yakscho won pidhodit before filosofski, won bude zhiti there vcno. Yakscho won pidhodit odnotonno – “and write me pisnyu s swearing”, then won two sobi dni there residents I I reordering bootie. Yaskravy butt – Gg Pop, that work product, scho Givet by rocky I desyatiletiyami”.


“I CCB nedobryj sin Seredin, Bo MAV contrary to batkiv. VIN is missing in less than 30 years. Sapno. Slot to batkiv got no booty”.


“Hotti in this in — General bike happiness. Required dequate God, scho ti hodish on two legs I scho you nichogo not to be ill. Not Rozum quiet, hto kazhe: “Oh, the head bolit” Chi “don’t know, in yakih shoes to the theater to”. Brave bee fly swatter – I s another side of Col. Schodt in “Ohmatdyt” I podius on quiet dtoc, that has not prishli from Svit and stink vzhe iz quiet spisku wirelan”.


“Bida in the fact scho policy Nikoli not vdovii for svoï of Vinci. Stench wrote the law for us, and for them zakonu not Bulo, they Bula netherlandsthe”.

Better Buti optimsm, yaky nichogo not know, than sagentia , restiti sobi hump from the fact scho navkolo Sami problems.

“Patrotic songs treba pisati whole hour and not then, if h of pisati required. More to the Yak in the country take become, nhto h not writing, and now all become so Patriotic Pongal sobi’s vishivanki I ponyali h on cars. H has a “visualname” nazivajut. Nechaev vishivanka I vzhe Dumas sho all pomenyalos. Vishivanka Buti got here glimse, sewn mother of I the process…”


“Better Vicosity one gitachu the sloza, than ProLite RCI crow”.

We will remind, mother of Kuzma Olga Kuzmenko in interview “Today” told what music ROS Andrei, and about his attitude to the shares of commemorating her son.

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Памяти Кузьмы Скрябина: лучшие песни и цитаты музыканта

Памяти Кузьмы Скрябина: лучшие песни и цитаты музыканта

Памяти Кузьмы Скрябина: лучшие песни и цитаты музыканта


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