“The menu”: Anya Taylor-Joy and luxury dining

«The menu»: Anya Taylor-Joy and luxury dining< /p> UPDATE DAY

Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Judith Light, Janet McTeer and John Leguizamo are just some of the diners at Ralph Fiennes' restaurant in this satire produced by Adam McKay, to whom we owe “Cosmic Denial”… 

Welcome to Hawthorn, an upscale restaurant on an island home to renowned chef Julian Slowik. The dishes follow one another, each more sumptuous than the other. Concepts, milk froth, scallops resting on pebbles, etc., each plate is more dazzling – or bewildering – than the one before. Around the black lacquered wooden tables, various guests, all having paid a fortune to sit in front of an open kitchen in which the formidable chef and his employees officiate.

The original idea comes from Will Tracy, screenwriter known for “Succession”, a dark and atypical HBO series. “A few years ago we were in Bergen on the west coast of Norway and I got a restaurant recommendation. We had to wait for a boat to pick us up and take us to an island on which there was nothing but this restaurant. You have to know that I am a bit claustrophobic and I had the same feeling as Margot [Editor’s note: Anya Taylor-Joy’s character] when I realized that I was going to spend four hours on this island. I didn't know anyone, anything could happen and I started to worry,” he explained at the press conference for the film's presentation at the Toronto Film Festival.

“I said to myself that I had the beginning of an idea. I know Seth [Reiss, screenwriter of “Late

Night with Seth Meyers”] for years. One day, during a meal, I told him about this embryonic idea, I talked about my experience and we structured the film accordingly.

The evening degenerates …

Obviously, everything happens in the purest tradition of satires produced by Adam McKay, and as the director Mark Mylod who signs here his first feature film also worked in the series ” Succession”, we suspect that the events are particularly bloody… in every sense of the word.

On the other hand, if the twists are in the realm of the most unbridled fiction, the dishes and cuisine of chef Julian Slowik are almost real. Almost? Yes, because Mark Mylod asked Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to share her knowledge with Ralph Fiennes.

“It's not so much cooking that she showed me in that, as a chef, I don't cook except towards the end of the film. It's more the driving inside the kitchen. She gave me a lot of tips on how to communicate, move, talk to people and all the communication shortcuts in a kitchen of this level,” Ralph Fiennes told the media on the sidelines of the press conference.

“I immersed myself in the psychology of someone trying to perfect their craft. My character has lost what animated him at the start of his career. The character of Anya pushes him to reminisce and reconnect with his passion,” he said during the press conference.

For Anya Taylor-Joy, participating in “The menu opened up new horizons for him. “It allowed me to discover all kinds of new things. I confess that I have no idea if I would have chosen a dining experience of this caliber if it had not been from the movie. I am an atrocious cook! Seeing the way cooking is used as an art form has given me a respect for this discipline.”

  • “The menu” hits screens on November 18th.