“The Messiah” Billy: teenagers around the world have taken a new trend that parents need to know

"Мессия Билли": подростков по всему миру захватил новый тренд, что нужно знать родителям

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United States of America long ago dictate the fashion world in many areas such as: cinema, technology, medicine and pop culture. The latter even very Intrusive. And one of the key theses of the “American dream” is megapixeli from a young age. Yes, lots of other examples. We all remember Macaulay Culkin and Justin Bieber. Here, on the horizon appeared another star – a bright girl Billy Iles.

Ukrainian parents and teachers still do not know, who is this Billy? What is she talking about in their songs? Want to strengthen the relationship between generations? Then read on and You will learn a lot. In particular, it is important to know the main facts about Billy. It’s enough to be “on the wave”.

"Мессия Билли": подростков по всему миру захватил новый тренд, что нужно знать родителям

Billy Iles

Who is this Billy Iles

The girl is only 17 years old and she was already in the Guinness Book of records as the youngest singer who heads the world music charts. Billy was born in a family of musicians and was educated at home, so small could have the whole day to write songs, and from 8 years sang in the children’s choir of Los Angeles. The girl was seriously engaged in choreography, but was injured and had to leave the dance. It was then that her brother Finnius asked Billy to perform his song “Ocean Eyes”, which for several weeks has listened to more than 10 million people.

Her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” was released in March of this year, and this week it has acquired more than 300,000 Americans. Billy’s Tourette’s is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder that is manifested by a TIC of the shoulder muscles, neck and face. The singer has long concealed the diagnosis from their fans, and if the attack happened during the interview, the video was edited. After Billy told about the syndrome, publicly recognizes that feel like home, because it turned out that many of her supporters have this disorder.

What is she singing?

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Exclamation and daring duh! The teenager does not agree to clean the room, and the phrase from the song “I’m a bad guy”. In English such a drawn out “yeah” is a slang word that means you say something stupid, meaningless or too obvious. If you ask the child what was interesting at school today, you can hear the “Duh”.

“I’m a bad guy”

One of the most important quotes from the song Ailish. English “guy” in this case may involve both the guy and girl. The phrase is suitable for any situation when you can boast of their own shortcomings. “When the classroom behind the teacher cry out something, and blame not me, but my neighbor’s party, then make an evil smile and say in his ear: “I’m a bad guy”.

“You should see me in a crown”

“You should see me in a crown” – a song in which Eilis is the Queen, ruling “in this city”. It forces everyone to obey and bow to her. By the end of the lyrics becomes absolutely terrible, “Tell me, what is worse – to live or to die first, to sleep in the hearse is not a dream.” In the clip mouth Billy gets a huge tarantula, and in one interview, the singer admitted that to write this song him and his brother inspired the phrase of Professor Moriarty from the TV series “Sherlock”: “In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king. And friend, you should see me in a crown”.

"Мессия Билли": подростков по всему миру захватил новый тренд, что нужно знать родителям

Billy Iles

Is it really so bad the teenager Billy Ailes?

Actually, no! The lyrics she writes with his elder brother Vinyasa, so all the serious and lyrical texts from him, and insane and crazy – Billy. In a video interview for Vanity Fair, the singer gives some advice to his supporters: “don’t be sad is such a waste of time, dude. Destroyed a lot of things that could be cool, if not sorrow”, “don’t post anything that you think or feel – don’t ever do that!”.

"Мессия Билли": подростков по всему миру захватил новый тренд, что нужно знать родителям

But child psychologist Eugene Pluzhnik thinks everything is as it should be.

“I admit, I also like the music of Billy Iles. Adolescence is a period of transition and finding itself, when the child is faced with new experiences – here and first love, betrayal and the fickleness of friends – all of this is normal for teenagers. Parents should not be afraid of the fact that the child listens to Billy Iles. Parents should take care that in adolescence you had formed an emotional connection with the child. Teenagers are very acutely all experience, and that music helps to experience negative emotions.”, – shared the expert.

Recall who is more popular – Billy Iles or BTS? The network has compared famous artists.

As reported Znayu comment on million likes: YouTube blew up because the “bald guy” for the first time in history.

Znayu wrote, a leading “eagle and Tails” was accused of plagiarism: “Billy Iles on the minimum salary”.

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