The MHSC women who won their place in D3 next season still have a trophy to win

The MHSC women who won their place in D3 next season still have a trophy to win

The joy of the Hérault women can be total with the regional trophy this Saturday! MHSC

A week after the won final of the U15 boys and U18 girls, it is the turn of the senior ladies reserve of Montpellier Hérault to conclude their season with the final of the Coupe Occitanie, this Saturday in Saint-Gaudens, against Montauban II (5 p.m.).

Last Sunday, on the Valadier, the smoke bombs in the colors of the MHSC swirled above Grammont like a season which during a phase of accession to D3 was consumed under fire sacred. The victory against Bastia opened the doors to this intermediate level for the reserves between the national U19s and the women's D1.
A goal, "a two-year project specifies the Hérault coach Jean-Pascal Beaufreton, necessary for the training. The distance is less between the national U19s and the D1. This also gives a level for players who are returning from injuries or in poor form, to finally copy what is done in the men's team. This is a common objective of the club" he continues.

Training valued at the MHSC

Dominant in its R1 championship, with only one setback in 21 matches, 109 goals scored, ten conceded, the MHSC reserve held its objective but everything was not so simple during the season. a season where the elements were often dispersed in U19 or in the elite. "But the girls didn’give up, whether against teams that were a little weaker or at our level, it highlighted the investment that they have been able to put in for two years knowing that it has never been easy. They always knew how to adapt even in difficult times when there were six or seven of us in training, either sucked into D1, or in progress with the double project; with the hope of going to the national U19s where the showcase is more beautiful. Now they will be able to have fun at a good level".

A cherry on the cake

Where they will find Lyon, Montauban, Toulouse, Grenoble… Who was in D2. "It’s a craze which will be credible in relation to the training of young players from Montpellier. This allows us to keep them for one or two more years to toughen them up and be able to slowly integrate into D1 and if they stay in D3 in Montpellier, they will always be able to find clubs that can welcome them later. It’s a win-win for everyone". Like the U15 and U18 women last week, the reserve will try this Saturday to win his Coupe Occitanie final in St-Gaudens.
A cherry on the cake that looks like a wedding cake as a dozen players competed in and won the final of the French university championship N1 in Brest on June 5 and 6 (2nd place in N1 boys). "This week we prioritized recovery before the Occitanie Cup which is a human adventure. I hope they don't give up to really have an exceptional season.

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