The Michel Chevalier regional park will no longer host sporting events

The Michel Chevalier regional park will no longer host sporting events

Le site a accueilli deux évènements cyclistes sur route et cyclocross toutes catégories en 2023. ML – Archive

Face aux sollicitations, le Comité Syndical qui dirige le site a pris une décision radicale qui suscite des réactions. 

Since its creation, the Michel-Chevalier du Bosc regional economic park has failed to attract businesses. Despite its ideal location south of Lodève, on the edge of the A75, its quality development, its natural environment, the former mining site, although rehabilitated, still suffers from a lack of image that sport could perhaps contribute to change.

No slalom for Trescoule

It’was in any case the idea of ​​the mayor of Bosc, Jérôme Valat, who, with the agreement of the Region, had proposed to the Vélo Club lodevois and to the committee of the Hérault cycling team to come and organize two events in 2023. A request from the Lodevois car team La Trescoule followed, refused by the park's union committee which has now decided to ban all demonstrations there.

"After the Lodève hill climb and the Printemps rally in the area, we wanted to organize a slalom and the top of the park seemed ideal and secure to accommodate around a hundred cars on a 1.5km circuit with skittles and bales of straw, says Stéphane Lacoste, vice-president of Trescoule and member of ASA Montpellier, refusal letter in hand. It’is an event that introduces young pilots, which would have attracted a thousand people from all over the region. There would have been more positive benefits than harm for the park and the territory. Banning it won’t bring in more businesses. We don't understand!"

No more cycling

Same story for the president of the Hérault cycling committee, also deprived of a park. "First of all, the Region is at home, it does what it wants, says Juan Ferreira straight away.We showed with a road event then a cyclocross that we could attract children and families from all over Occitanie in complete safety. Among them are parents who work, who have businesses." And who left with a positive image of the park and Lodévois.

“This is not the vocation of the park”

"This park is not made for a car event even though there is indeed space. This is not the image we want to give of a site primarily created to accommodate businesses, responds Fadelha Benammar-Koly, the advisor regional president of the Michel-Chevalier park union committee.Cycling seemed to me to have its place, however, but faced with numerous requests, the union committee made the decision to no longer host sporting events on the site. And to concentrate all its efforts on welcoming businesses and creating jobs".

Also contacted, the mayor of Bosc, involved in the two 2023 cycling organizations with his services, announced that he had taken note of this decision. "They are at home.", simply states Jérôme Valat.

"We don’have no stadium, gymnasium and even less velodrome… There, we have a secure place, which does not block the road, which does not disturb anyone, capable of hosting road, mountain bike or cyclocross races that those in charge of the park could use in their arguments, continues Juan Ferreira. We are being praised for the promotion of cycling, we have a potential chance of an Olympic medal on Lodévois in mountain biking… We respect the decision but it’s a shame."

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