The Mile Public House will tighten the screws to its customers

Le Mile Public House resserrera la vis à ses clients

BROSSARD – After having been attacked late last week by party goers little disciplined, some of whom were infected by the COVID-19, the Mile Public House has chosen to tighten significantly its rules.

In a message posted Thursday on Facebook, the management of the establishment of the quartier DIX30, in Brossard, explained his new game plan.

“(…) We’re going beyond the demands of public health. Incidentally, all the health measures already taken will be tightened. Any transgression of the rules issued by the public health and the management of the Mile Public House will not be tolerated in our establishment.”

The management stated that all employees have passed a screening test this week and that the property has been entirely disinfected by professionals. All surfaces have been coated with antibacterial protection.

“A system for the identification and reservation mail will be put in place to avoid the queues outside” and “the wearing of the mask will be required during all movements of the customers inside the bar”. Masks will be provided free of charge to those who do not.

Any person who does not comply with the instructions, the inside as well as outside, will be denied access to the establishment, has informed the management that holds stubbornly to preserve a safe environment.

“We will not hesitate to call on the forces of law and order when we observe a social distancing inadequate.”

Public Health said this week that she would not hesitate to close institutions that do not submit to the rules put in place to fight the pandemic. In addition, the minister of Health and social Services, Christian Dubé, announced on Thursday that the bars will now have to stop serving alcohol at midnight and close to 1 h.

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