The military has a new Ukrainian weapons. Video

Военные показали, как работает новое украинское вооружение. Видео

On the ground experienced combat module for armored vehicles.

On Goncharovsky military training ground was a demonstration of the new fighting module installed on wheeled armored vehicle “Kozak-2M,” reports the with reference to Toamasina.

This is a tripartite project involving the Turkish company Aselsan, state Kyiv design Bureau “Luch”, as well as private enterprise NGO “Practika”, which is a developer and manufacturer of combat armored vehicles, writes on his page on Facebook military expert Sergey Zgurets.

The presented module can be equipped with various types of guns, but the main striking force is the domestic anti-tank missile system “Barrier” in performance with increased number of missiles on launchers. Four R-2S. The maximum launch range is 5 kilometers, impermeability dynamic protection – 800 mm. Can also be used missiles with high explosive and a thermobaric warhead.

The control system of the rocket – laser, semi-automatic. Recharging is via a hatch on the roof of the car. Module weight – 400 pounds. The module is equipped with motors that provide the speed of transfer of the axis of sight, according to representatives of the Turkish company, up to 30° per second.

Gunsmiths ZHBZ equipped with “Duplet” the new imager and improved system of fire. It allows you to track targets in the automatic mode. As well as independently to calculate ballistics and ammunition to maintain accurate fire in all weather conditions day and night.

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