The military will remain in the CHSLD in Quebec until the 26th of June

Les militaires vont rester dans les CHSLD du Québec jusqu’au 26 juin

OTTAWA | The canadian troops in the CHSLD du Québec has been extended until 26 June, announced on Friday the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Initially, the mission of the canadian armed Forces (CAF) in support of CHSLD du Grand Montreal hard hit by the COVID-19 was to expire Friday, but the government Legault continues to claim an extension for several weeks until 15 September.

“I want to be clear: the 1,400 members of the armed Forces are still in Quebec and are currently in the process of being redeployed in NURSING homes that need them most,” said Mr. Trudeau.

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“We are continuing our discussions with Quebec to develop a medium-term plan which we will support efforts until the 15th of September,” added the prime minister.

Mr. Trudeau has also said that the Red Cross is “gradually” called in “will take over” of the military in NURSING homes.

At the height of the crisis, some 1,300 military épaulaient 25 CHSLD and their presence has helped to stabilize the situation.

Temperature taking

Prime minister Trudeau also announced Friday that Ottawa will make the temperature taking is compulsory for air passengers, as well as to the staff and employees.

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