The minimum penalty is too “cruel” for the rapist of a teen

A young man who has raped a teen, 14 years before that a friend is abusing it in turn doesn’t deserve to be hurt by the minimum penalty of five years imprisonment, confirmed by the Court of appeal maintaining the conviction of three years in the shade.

The highest court of the province rejected the appeal by the Crown a few days ago in the folder of the sexual aggressor Karl-Anthony Trottier.

The residents of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region is now 26 years old and committed his crime in October 2013. At the time, he had invited the victim to join him and another individual, to get to Amos.

En route, he asked him to have a sexual relationship with three, which she refused.

Assaulted twice

The return to his apartment, Trottier grabbed the victim by the wrist and dragged into a room to undress her and assault her sexually.

“When the victim leaves the room [of Trottier], she hopes to find comfort from [the roommate], but this one will offer him any sympathy, note the Court of appeal. On the contrary, he forces her to have sex with him. “

She returned home, the teen found that she had several injuries, blood loss and bruising.

Guilty of sexual assault causing harm to a young person under 16 years of age, Trottier would have had to scoop to the minimum sentence of five years, under the criminal Code.

Except that judge Jean-Pierre Gervais, of the Court of Québec, thought that it was a punishment, ” cruel and unusual “.

Explaining that Trottier was leaving then barely a teen, he did not ” grasped the seriousness of the gestures “, that he suffered from a disorder of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and that of going to the penitentiary was already severe in itself, the magistrate felt that the public would not understand the severity of a sentence of five years.

Stung to the quick, the Crown has decided to appeal. But she was not able to convince the court to increase the sentence.

The prosecution still has a few weeks if she wants to bring the case to the supreme Court.

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