The Minister invented cat named Brexit for the sake of post in Facebook

Министр выдумала кота по кличке Brexit ради поста в Facebook

The cat refused only fiction.

The French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau did not call your cat Brexit and she has no cat, reports the with reference on the European Truth.

The message about a cat named Brexit began to spread on Sunday, after the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche reported that the Minister had written about his pet on her private page in Facebook.

The joke with the cat – an allusion to the inability of the UK to decide when and how she wants to leave the European Union, picked up by many British and American mass media and social networks.

But it turned out that it really was just a joke and this cat does not exist. “It was a joke, of course. I have no cat,” said Loiseau.

The staff of the office of the Minister also confirmed that she has no cat.


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