The Minister of Health listens to CPTS professionals

The Minister of Health listens to CPTS professionals

The Minister of Health was welcomed at Espace Vauban. – anne cathala

The Minister of Health listens to CPTS professionals

Le Dr Alinat, président de la CPTS fait visiter la permanence médicale au ministre de la Santé (à gauche) et au directeur de l’ARS Didier Jaffre. – Anne Cathala

This Friday, March 22, Frédéric Valletoux spoke for an hour, at the Espace Vauban, with doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, caregivers… of the professional and territorial health community. Positive results on both sides.

« I was told that there is a model in this territory that I absolutely had to come see. »As part of his one-day visit to Montpellier to discuss the issue of access to care with professionals, the Minister of Health Frédéric Valletoux chose to make a detour, this Friday afternoon, in Lunel.

A one-hour exchange with the CPTS

He was encouraged by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to meet the actors of the first territorial professional health community (CPTS) created in Occitanie. A particularly dynamic CPTS which, 4 years after its birth, brings together nearly three-quarters of the liberal professionals based in the 14 municipalities of the Agglo de Lunel (282 out of 400). A « model »with whom Frédéric Valletoux spoke for an hour. Surrounded, among others, by the secretary general of the prefecture Frédéric Poisot, the director of the Regional Health Agency Didier Jaffre and the deputy Laurence Christol, the minister was welcomed, at the Espace Vauban, by the Mayor Pierre Soujol and the president of the CPTS of Pays de Lunel, Dr Cédric Alinat.

A first stop at the medical center

Firstly, he visited the premises of the medical center, the latest major project carried out by the CPTS. For a year, this permanence has allowed the Lunelois health area to have medical on-calls on weekends and public holidays and relieves the clinic's emergencies. « I come to understand and see how it works », Frédéric Valletoux immediately announced before multiplying the questions.

Discrepancies between the national and the local

After making contact, the exchange continued in a nearby room. And it expanded significantly since the entire board of directors of the CPTS du Pays de Lunel was gathered. Doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, healthcare assistants in the region have, thus, largely raised the issue. the problems encountered locally. They particularly emphasized the gap between certain national decisions and the possibility of implementing them locally. But they also deplored the administrative delays in implementing projects or funding and they did not hide their exhaustion: « We are at out of breath, we need human resources, we are waiting for you to take the bull by the horns », said a doctor.

Frédéric Valletoux listened, questioned and also assured his interlocutors of his desire to « decompartmentalize, unlock, simplify and accelerate the release of a certain number of decrees . We need to make your life easier, he said. The minister also expressed his wish to give more responsibilities to local actors and promote their initiatives. The ARS will accompany with its engineering. »

The minister's conviction on the CPTS reinforced

Finally, at the end of this hour of discussions, Frédéric Valletoux confided:« My conviction that the CPTS are structures for the future is reinforced by this meeting. I also see here that the dynamic attracts professionals and I understand that we must continue to remove the blockages and help you more. »
A meeting also appreciated by the CPTS professionals: « It’s always good to be listened to. Will it lead to something, that's always the question but if he leaves the hand locally, it will already be very good, confided Dr. Yvan Milla. Nurse Benyaha Rabehar found the exchange positive. Everyone was able to express themselves, he was attentive and close. » For his part, the president of the CPTS of the Pays de Lunel welcomed a «positive » exchange before insisting& ;nbsp;: « The CPTS is a source of proposals, the minister can rely on us to find solutions »< /em>. To the wise

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