The mirages of public health

Les mirages de la santé publique

One metre, 1.5 metre, 2 metres, the 10-3-2, mini-bubble school, it is hard to blame the public with a release in compliance with the instructions.

This is not to mention the mask ! Its port is compulsory in trains, planes, but not in transit to Montreal.

The worst part of it is that the public health we are said to be based on science.

However, if we learned one thing during this pandemic, it is that the science of the COVID-19 is incomplete, often contradictory and constantly changing.

In this regard, the issue of the reopening of schools in September next could not have been more eloquent.

The test of schools

The parents have breathed a collective sigh of relief in learning that classes would resume full-time from September.

The children are finally promised to a relative normality. A regular learning, the sidebar will take over the obstacle course of the conciliation teleworking-distance learning !

However, in Ontario, it is quite the opposite.

Each school board will decide in the month of August among three scenarios : learning in the classroom, online or a mixture of the two.

A puzzle in a monumental perspective that the prime minister, Doug Ford defends on the basis that ” the safety of our children will always remain in the foreground “.

Gold, who is right ? Quebec or Ontario ?

The choice return policy

He is not here to question the expertise of Dr. Arruda and her team, on the contrary.

But the approaches are fundamentally different from each other, require a finding.

In times of déconfinement, the science of the sars coronavirus is no longer entirely the top dog in the making. It is in competition with a major priority : to redesign a new normal.

The containment has done enough damage. It is now necessary to revive the economy, protect the right to education of children, to save our mental health collective.

Then one adjusts the science.

Public health must find solutions to the political choices of the government.

So she found a way to allow us to see our loved ones and friends, found a way to reopen the schools, found a way to reopen the shops and restaurants.

However, to force to “find ways” and defend them to the sides of the political class, public health plays its credibility.

The reality of the early stages, it has not changed. There is nothing like 2 feet away.

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