The Mississippi is ready to remove the emblem confederate flag

Le Mississippi prêt à retirer l’emblème confédéré de son drapeau

The us State of Mississippi is preparing to remove the symbol, confederate flag, to him who is the last to sport the colours of the old troops slave.

Red background, blue cross diagonally with small white stars: the banner represented the Southern States opposed the abolition of slavery, during the american Civil war (1861-1865).

Symbol of the troubled history of the country, the flag is part of it, as the statues of confederate generals or leaders slavery, emblems questioned in the context of the major events of racism that affected the United States for a month.

The car championship Nascar, especially popular in the South, has a ban on its circuits, where one could see brandished by supporters.

The Mississippi, in the long-past segregationist, was the last State to wear this insignia on its flag since Georgia was relinquished in 2003.

Two years earlier, the elect of the Mississippi had, them, refused to dispose of a flag that they consider as an integral part of the heritage and culture of the South.

But Saturday, under the increasing pressure of the business community, sporting, and cultural activists, they have made a volte-face.

Two-thirds of the elected members of the House of representatives and the Senate have adopted a resolution that authorizes the plenary review of legislation to redesign the State flag.

According to the text, which could be submitted to a vote as early as Sunday, the new banner will no longer have the embarrassing symbol, and a commission will propose a new pattern which must be approved by a referendum in November.

Governor Tate Reeves, who had previously opposed such a reform, has made it known that it would not use its right of veto and that he would sign the law if it was adopted, which is very likely, given the results of the votes are preliminary.

During the heated debates on Saturday, the elected democrat black Edward Blackman emphasized how it was difficult for him to spend almost all day in front of the flag confederate. “I hope (the next one) we will all be proud when we look right at, and not just some of us”, he said.

Republican representative Jason White has also called for a change. “We do not destroy our heritage, we are doing it”, he launched.

A handful of his fellow republicans have, themselves, continued to defend the idea of a public consultation prior to withdrawal of the badge confederate.

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