The Mixmania Mania: 20 Years Later

Mixmania Mania: 20 Years Later


When the “Mixmania” wave swept over Quebec in 2002, no one could have expected the phenomenon to become one of such magnitude. 

The album of the first edition sold more than 250,000 copies, while the tour stretched over 227 performances, including four sold-out performances at the Bell Centre, one on the main stage of the FrancoFolies de Montreal and another, which could have turned into a nightmare at the Galeries de la Capitale, in Quebec.

Twenty years later, Bianca Gervais, Mixmaniac since adolescence, revisits through interviews, archives and memories, the instant success experienced by the members of the groups None Regret and Urban Defense, in the documentary ” Mixmania: 20 years later” that she directed.

In a high school reunion formula, Julie St-Pierre, Ariane Laniel, Annabelle Oliva-Denis, Frank Hudon, Emmanuel McEwan and Pierre-Luc Blais y discuss fame, rivalry and coming back to earth after touching the sky.

A return that has not necessarily been easy for everyone. Because if today former participants have a great musical career that is emerging, some candidates have experienced the success and the after-success of the “Mixmania” adventure more difficultly, underlining in passing the feeling of impostor and to have been “has-been” at 17.

To talk about it, Claudia Bouvette and Tommy Tremblay from “Mixmania 2”, William Cloutier and Amélie St-Onges from “Mixmania 3” and Réginald Bellamy from “Mixmania 4” also participated in the film by Bianca Gervais, produced by Zone3.

A la carte groups

A pioneer in reality TV in Quebec, “Mixmania” branded an entire generation with its catchy hits and imperfect artists with whom it was possible to identify. And for the first time, young people had a say in the creative process.

The Mixmaniacs had the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidates, starting with the four singers of Urban Defense and the four singers of No regrets, then for the soloists and the songs of each of the groups, in addition to determining the winning group which would obtain as a prize the recording of a CD produced by industry professionals.

< p>Available on Crave from Wednesday, “Mixmania: 20 years later” bets on nostalgia and presents, in addition to some acoustic performances, the inside and outside point of view of candidates, admirers and workers (professors of singing, nanny, journalists) who gravitated towards these young people from the start of the adventure.

“Mixmania 2” has been available on Crave since June 2.