“The MLS is back”: at last sport live!

«La MLS est de retour»: enfin du sport en direct!

MONTREAL | fans can stop biting their brake: the world of televised sport se dégourdit little by little after the hiatus of three months imposed by the pandemic. As of Wednesday, July 8, it is the rhythm of soccer that will live to TVA Sports, with the presentation of the tournament “The MLS is back”.

We learned earlier this week that TVA Sports will host 16 matches of the group phase of the tournament “The MLS is back”, broadcast live from Orlando. The string can then boast to offer television viewers the first return-to-play of a sports team in montreal at the end of the confinement, since the Montreal Impact will be of the competition.

To Frederick Lord, who will be the description and analysis of the games in the company of Vincent Destouches, and Hassoun Camara for the parties involving the Impact, the resumption of the activities of the Major League Soccer (MLS) marks the end of a too long period of famine. The fan of sports has filled his appetite, since mid-march, looking at old games from a variety of disciplines, not snobant no. But it trépignait to the idea of re-live the excitement of live sport.

“At a certain point, we were ready to watch anything, laugh the facilitator. I started to look at races, balls and competitions, wiffle ball, so baseball a league of young people of 18 years old from Wisconsin! There was a visceral need to have live sport, and finally we will have!”

“Beautiful marathon”

Frederick Lord was ready yet to dive into a whirlwind of work before the COVID-19 with it. Coverage of the start of the season for the Impact, of the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL), the Euro 2020, which was scheduled to begin on 12 June, and highlights of the Rogers Cup, then expected in August, appeared in her professional calendar in the beginning of the year. Between the two commitments, the young dad was planning to offer a holiday at home with his wife and his boy of two and a half years.

Of course, these beautiful projects were swept away, and the Lord has compensated to the screen, in particular, engage in simulations and video games. He admits that the social life often inherent in sports journalism has failed, even if he has kept in contact with his colleagues in the middle of “cocktail Zoom”.

“It is not very good in there, joke-t-it. It is the best in drinks and “live”!”

The enthusiast describes the challenge that awaits him, to render an account of fifteen of soccer matches in three weeks, “”the beautiful marathon”.

“I think that we will be carried away by the adrenaline. It has been my longest break professional for the past ten years. Since I cover soccer, hockey and tennis, I rarely take long breaks, and I have to force myself to take a vacation. With the MLS, it has a “fond de commerce”, I know the players, it follows the league closely for the past several years. It was preparation to be made, but I put myself up to date in fast this week. It is accustomed to deal with various circumstances, and I trust that we will be able to offer the same performance,” details the one who officiates at TVA Sports since the launch of the antenna, in 2011, and who had worked once with Radio-Canada.

TVA Sports will broadcast the tournament, “The MLS is back” on Wednesday, July 8, at 19: 30, with a special broadcast of the presentation, then will relay two confrontations at 20 h and 22 h 30. The other four doubleheaders are also scheduled for the 13, 18, 21 and 23 July.

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