The MLS is playing with fire

La MLS joue avec le feu

The tournament, MLS Is Back beginning tomorrow at the time where things escalate quickly in Florida. Of course, it is said that the players will be in a ” bubble “, but there are questions about their safety.

The numbers have literally exploded over the last weekend while Americans were celebrating their national day, Saturday.

The United States has surpassed the 200 000 cases of COVID-19 during this long leave of absence during which the southern State has set new records with 11 458 new infections reported on Saturday and 10 059 Sunday.

The numbers are a bit down yesterday as authorities have reported 6336 new cases and 47 deaths, bringing the total to 3778.


Generally, a rise in cases corresponds to an increase in the number of screening tests, but this is not the case in Florida.

The increase in the number of positive tests is constant these past few weeks. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the rate of positive tests stood at 9.2 %.

However, for the past two weeks, the infection rate continues to increase. It has even reached 16 % on 23 June to return to 15 % since the last weekend.

It is therefore possible to say that the virus is active, and is not about to slow down his race in Florida.


Another increase that is of concern, it is that of death. They increase rather than decline.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the daily average has long been 30 deaths in Florida.

However, for the past two weeks, there is an average of 43 deaths per day, a sign that the situation is not controlled.

All of this comes at a time when hospital emergency floridiens begin to be crowded to the point where some of them refuse outright to admit patients, due to lack of space.


As the situation deteriorated, the governor of the State, Ron De Santis, has been forced to backtrack on part of the déconfinement of the State.

As well, the bars were again closed while the restaurants have been forced to return to a maximum capacity of 50 %.

Some counties, such as
Miami-Dade, have even decided to simply close the restaurants, who can now offer dishes to take away.

In addition, the sports venues, as well as all the interior rooms are again closed, and this, several weeks after their opening.

In Orlando

If the situation is out of control in some counties, it is not necessarily more pink in those that cover the greater Orlando area.

Sunday, we recorded a record with 1943 new infections.

And, again, the infection rates are high. This is particularly the case in the county of Osceola, located just south of the facilities of Disney, where are the players of the MLS.

Among the tests carried out on Sunday, it recorded a rate of positive results of 18.3 %, which is significantly higher than the average.

Long queues

Orlando saw it as a problem inherent to the situation as we see long queues of cars carrying people who are waiting to pass a screening test.

For example, the cars began to queue up at 5 in the morning at the convention center of Orange county, even if the testing clinic opened only at 9 hours.

This application also because of the delay in the delivery of results, since people may have to wait not days, but weeks before knowing if they are infected or not.

During this time, these people continue to mingle with the rest of the population and spread the virus when they are actually infected.

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