The mob fans sharpen the carbs before the Salindres race

The mob fans sharpen the carbs before the Salindres race

Mickaël Rouzée, Laurent Bonnefoi and Rosario Ferrara with their mob. Midi Libre – Alexis Béthune

The three-hour endurance race of the Mob Festival is organized this Saturday, June 8, in Salindres.

The endurance race organized for the Salindres Mob Festival attracts many enthusiasts. However, not all crews play for the win and prefer to approach the event with a good dose of second degree.

This is the case of the crew made up of Rosario Ferrara, Mickaël Rouzée and Laurent Bonnefoi. "The idea of ​​participating in the Festival came to us suddenly, explains Mickaël. The mob, a Peugeot Fox from the 90s was lying in pieces in the Rosario workshops (specialist in the restoration of old and racing vehicles, Editor's note). This race was on my mind and in Rosario's too, so we said why not. It started as a joke, but we signed up."

"We said “let's go” just two weeks ago. And here's the result. We took everything apart and redid everything. And it rolls!", describes the mechanics specialist while tightening the carburetor.

A fun race with friends

To ensure relays of 15 to 20 minutes, during the three hours of racing, it was necessary to find another driver. "We wanted someone fast for the third stint. We thought of a professional", explains Rosario Ferrara as seriously as possible.

At the workshop, Laurent Bonnefoi, company manager, carries out the final tests of the machine: "They said to themselves& ;nbsp;: we need a pro. A plumber is good. This is useful in the event of a leak. I found the idea funny, they asked me to join them, I accepted. Now we have to ensure. From there to saying that I must be the sprinter of the team, we will calm down…"

For the three friends, the goal lies elsewhere than in victory. "It’is a nice race, with good spirit… even if some come to play for the win and have prepared real racing animals. We opted for a strategy based on confusion. Besides, we don’t yet know how we’re going to organize ourselves", laughs Rosario Ferrara.

"What is certain is that we have planned large supplies. For the mob, we provided a spare engine, 40 liters of gasoline, a carburetor, spark plugs, a belt… Our only fear is punctures… ", the three pilots fear.

"This year, we're going to see, but be careful, for the next edition, I still have parts to build a more robust machine, warns Rosario Ferrara who took to the game. We will return with a mob capable of competing with the best on the board."

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