The model fell from the window Mikhalkov’s grandson, opened his mouth and groaned the truth: “For a lifetime”

Модель, выпавшая из окна внука Михалкова, открыла рот и простонала правду: "На всю оставшуюся жизнь"

today, 13:06

Young model Kseniya performed same functions that had fallen from the apartment grandson of the Russian Director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Borkov, recovered and published the first post after the tragedy in the network. The girl told all the circumstances of the incident, and hastened to dispel the rumors and speculation that have emerged in writings of journalists.

This became known thanks to a new publication of Susie in the network Instagram.

Модель, выпавшая из окна внука Михалкова, открыла рот и простонала правду: "На всю оставшуюся жизнь"

To Publish Xenia Performed Same Functions, Instagram

So, the girl denied the words of her friend and colleague Alesya Kafelnikov that in the story of the fall has a criminal trail. Earlier, the girl claimed that the performed same functions was the victim of powerful men who decided it was cruel to get even.

“The only reliable word from my entity upon the occurrence of the incident. I hasten to disappoint you, science fiction writers, but illicit substances and strange pills in this story involved was not (scientifically proven medical confirmed and so on. etc.), for the first I have a very negative attitude, and sports and delicious food prefer the second. And yet there were no cars, lurks some of Nikita… the same can be no question of any wrongdoing in my address”, — assured the victim model.

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In addition, the performed same functions spoke warmly about the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei. The young man was called in twice for questioning, and both times he confirmed that during the fall girlfriend from the window was sleeping in the next room.

“Andrew is a wonderful man, with whom we walked to museums, he gave me books and agreed at 11 am to watch a movie in Italian with Russian subtitles (not very good vision without lenses). The whole incident was an absurd coincidence, which will serve as a huge lesson for life,” added Xenia.

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