The model told about the secret of his perfect figure

Модель рассказала о секрете своей идеальной фигуры

She never adheres to a strict diet.Supermodel and one of the “angels” of the popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret 23-year-old Taylor hill spoke about the secret of his harmony.

“I try to keep fit all year round, but when I know that soon I will have a big shot, I increase the load. At this time I often do strength training,” shared hill.

However, she noted that she helps coach Lauren Duhamel, which each class pays special attention to the muscles of the hands.

“We are working with weights to stretch and tone the hands. We alternate heavy and light weight, will use all the little muscles,” – said the model.

According to hill, it never adheres to a strict diet but tries to eat healthy foods. She also admitted that sometimes allows himself a pizza.

“All “angels” every day inspire me to strive to become better. The work gave me confidence and enabled them to become the sexiest version of myself” – said the model.


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