The Monts-Valin du Archer outfitter is thinking about the next generation

The Monts-Valin du Archer outfitter is thinking about the next generation


LAC ARCHER | Located in the heart of the Monts-Valin, undisputed kingdom of native speckled trout, the Monts-Valin du Archer outfitter wants to continue tradition for seasoned fishermen, but also to prepare the next generation.

“We will always offer quality fishing, with the possibility of catching very large specimens in the native speckled trout for amateurs fishing that frequent us. However, we have developed a family approach in order to prepare a succession in the world of fishing. It's part of our mission as a provider. »

This is how Josianne St-Louis, co-owner of the outfitter with her husband, Jonathan Perreault, and her father, Bernard, introduced us to her territory.

When you visit this outfitter, there has two parts to his experience. First of all, there are the fishing and hunting adventures that are prepared by the management team, but also a return in time, where you can discover the history of the development of fishing in the Monts- Valin. 

In the 1950s, the Archer club was born on the shores of the huge lake of the same name. At that time, the territory was only accessible by seaplane. Over time, the activities continued to arrive at a territory easily accessible by car, but which lost none of the quality of its wildlife offer, both for fishing and for hunting.

The young Loïc proudly presents this beautiful speckled trout that he caught in Archer Lake with his family.

“Our goal is always to offer anglers an experience that meets their expectations,” explains Jonathan. It is for this reason that we control access to certain lakes which contain very large specimens and where anglers are limited in the number of fish they can catch. We also have other lakes where the number of catches is not an issue. We do this to maintain the quality of the native speckled trout fishing on the magnificent territory that we are fortunate to have. »


On the territory of the outfitter, you can catch trout from ten inches to five pounds, depending on the lake where you will go fishing.

During our stay, we fished in two lakes, one of which offered the possibility of catching beautiful specimens. Unfortunately for us, Madame la Lune was full, which made fishing very difficult. The Lake Clear Deeps and the Toronto Wobblers managed to thwart a few specimens, but nothing up to the standard fishing in the territory. But that's part of the game.

For the fly, I tried with a sinking line and two different colored Muddler Minnows, but nothing worked. Only fishermen who were equipped with quads and who were able to go further into the territory experienced success. It's part of the fishing challenge.

In terms of facilities, there are five cabins on the main site of the outfitter, three of which are buildings that I would describe as historic. By staying in one of them, you have the impression of stepping back 40 years. The inn that sits at the center of the site has retained this historic cachet. There are also newer cabins and soon, the outfitter will have two more cabins. When we visited, they were under construction. There is a second site, at Lake Albert, where there are three cabins.


The packages sold are in European plan. It is possible to have an American plan, only for groups of eight people staying three nights or more.

In July and August, the outfitter offers family packages. In addition to being able to fish, young people can go kayaking, paddle boarding, pedal boating, canoeing and various observation activities.

Soon, the outfitter will also offer off-trail snowmobile packages. If all goes as planned, starting this winter, you will be able to experience an adventure in the legendary snowy expanses of Monts-Valin.

“We will be offering guided activities for all types of off-trail snowmobiles, from beginners to experts, explains Jonathan. We want to offer safe adventures that respect the environment and wildlife of this magical corner of the country. »

To access the outfitter, simply follow route 175 to Chicoutimi, cross the Dubuc bridge to access Chicoutimi-Nord and follow route 172 for about 15 minutes. You will then arrive at road L-200, which will lead you to the outfitter. You must register at the Zec Martin-Valin reception desk and follow the directions that will take you to the outfitter, about 80 km away in the forest.

  • To find out more about the cost of stays and availability, you can contact the people at the outfitter at 418 830‐3406. A discovery to make!