The moon crashed space ship

Israeli Beresheet spaceship crashed on the surface of the moon

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 07:15

На Луне разбился космический корабль

The rate of descent exceeded due to the shutdown of the main engine

Beresheet spacecraft developed by a private Israeli company SpaceIL, crashed while landing on the moon. During the lunar landing in sea of Tranquility at the device happened a few technical problems that fix failed and the spacecraft crashed on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. This was reported on the Twitter page of Israel To The Moon.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to put the device”, — said the employee of the control center.

Preparing for the landing took place in normal mode – start the main and auxiliary engines, was produced by a series of maneuvers during the descent from orbit. The unit even sent a selfie from a height of 22 kilometers above the surface. It seemed that soon the mission will be successful.

На Луне разбился космический корабль

Lunar camera Beresheet crashed while trying to prionitis

But soon the problems started. First, the control center mission lost telemetry from the device. After the communication is resumed it became clear that the main engine is off, but he was responsible for braking when going downhill. After several attempts it managed to restart, but it was too late – the rate of descent exceeded and the machine crashed on the surface of the moon.

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After the unsuccessful landing spacecraft Beresheet Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country in a few years will still put a spacecraft on the moon.

Sending an Israeli spacecraft to the moon Beresheet took place 47 days ago. During this time he covered a distance of 6.5 million kilometres. 4 APR module went into lunar orbit, and April 11 – crashed.

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We will remind that earlier artificial intelligence failed school tests. And recently, NASA received a “posthumous” message from Mars.

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На Луне разбился космический корабль

На Луне разбился космический корабль

На Луне разбился космический корабль


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