The most anticipated series of spring – “Chernobyl”: what is known about the project, HBO

We collected information about the show, which has become one of the most anticipated in may

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Самый ожидаемый сериал весны - "Чернобыль": что известно о проекте HBO

Series “Chernobyl”

On HBO on may 6 premiere of the TV series “Chernobyl”, the trailer for which managed to conquer the web. What is known about the new ambitious project of HBO.

Series “Chernobyl” took a brilliant team of professionals. Creator Craig Mazin (“scary movie”, “Bachelor party” and “unconscious”). The Director of the project was made by the Swede Johan Renk (“Vikings”, “the Walking dead” and “breaking bad”, as well as videos for Madonna and Rihanna). The series consists of five episodes.

Самый ожидаемый сериал весны - "Чернобыль": что известно о проекте HBO

Series “Chernobyl”

“Chernobyl”: the plot of the series

The main feature of the show is that its creators didn’t want to do traditional TV show-disaster. That is why the very accident happens in the first few minutes of the show – no “drumming,” says showrunner Craig Mazin in an interview with Variety. It is in order to understand the human side of the tragedy. “For me as for the author of the series the explosion – the least interesting thing that happened,” said Mazin.

According to Mazin, “Chernobyl” shows a vast network of lies which permeated all levels of the chain of command of the Soviet Union, which led to the incident and an initial attempt to hide it.

A key moment during the writing of the script and design of the characters was believable. That is why most of the characters, judging by the trailer, looks not very nice people. Don’t deny it and showrunner. “I hope that by the end of the series viewers will see the human in all of them… I never worried that the characters looked nice, I think that pretty boring.”

Самый ожидаемый сериал весны - "Чернобыль": что известно о проекте HBO

Series “Chernobyl”

“Chernobyl” 2019: the cast

Starring in the film was played by Stellan Skarsgard (“Thor”, “the girl with the dragon tattoo”), Emily Watson (“the Theory of everything”, “equilibrium”), Jared Harris (“Allies”, “Crown”) and Jessie Buckley (“Taboo”, “the Beast”).

The series Chernobyl: what to expect

It is worth noting that HBO has signed a contract for the creation of this series in 2017, it has taken two years. Most of the filming took place in Lithuania, part in Kiev. For production in Kiev was responsible Studio Radioaktive films.

And the world press is singing the ode of the series. “Chernobyl HBO is not just a historical drama, it is a warning. Chernobyl demonstrates what happens when society stops listening to science. In the rapidly worsening global climate crisis is a very important signal,” wrote Time.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that HBO, in conjunction with British Sky TV began filming a new mini-series about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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