The most fashionable dress of the summer wardrobe: Board designer Andre tan

Prepare the closet for the summer on the advice of Ukrainian designer

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Самое модное платье летнего гардероба: совет дизайнера Андре Тана

Ukrainian designer Andre tan

Popular Ukrainian designer Andre tan in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”, spoke about the outfit, which is now an absolute trend.

According to the designer, dress-feathers – a real hit this year. In this dress the girl definitely will not go unnoticed.

“Today, many stars choose this way. For example, Beyonce and Lady Gaga on the most iconic parties appear in the feathers. But in this outfit there is one “but”, says Andre tan.

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The designer explained that this dress has the disadvantage of the corset. It’s perfect for the red carpet or important events, but in real life it would not be very comfortable. Therefore, fashion fashion, but there is a time-tested classic.

“In the words of the legendary Coco Chanel – there’s nothing better than a little black dress,” – says Andre tan, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

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