The most fashionable smartphone of the year Honor 20 the new eye-catching case will appear in the Citrus

This youth smartphone combines the unmatched camera and innovative appearance

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Самый модный смартфон года — Honor 20 в новом эффектном корпусе скоро появится в Цитрус

Presentation of a new model of Honor, you can see comments Citrus.

Youth brand Huawei Honor created specifically to take into account the tastes of young people — the desire to be independent and successful, to stand out among their peers and the first to use all new technologies. The new Honor smartphone 20 is the embodiment of that dream — it has monstrous performance, stunning in its ability zoom night vision camera and the eye-catching delightful appearance, attracting the attention of others. In Honor of the 20 first uses the latest technology Triple 3D Mesh, providing a real breakthrough in the field of design of mobile devices. Coverage of smartphone case to protect it from the traces left by fingerprints. And all this in two times cheaper than the flagship smartphones of this year! At the sight of Honor 20 Pro iPhone Xr will shamefully hide their phones in the pocket. Follow the link below to be the first to know about new smartphone and get a chance to buy it!

The Triple 3D Mesh

The main feature of the new Honor 20 has been used for processing the rear surface of the smartphone the effect of multidimensional dynamic holography. Glass rear case surface of smartphones HONOR 20 is made using a two-stage process technology Triple 3D Mesh. The lower coating layer formed by the highly precise application of millions of tiny prism-like particles of diamond. Passing through the prisms of the inner layer, the light is refracted and reflected in all directions simultaneously. Then the housing cover with glass and put the painted layer. The result is an unusual optical effect of depth.

Honor 20 Pro: the most important

Honor 20 Pro is a smartphone with a diagonal edge-to-edge display 6.26 inches, holding 91.6% of the front panel. Its aluminum frame with smooth edges helped to create a streamlined shape. And for the first time in the design of the smartphone Honor to place the fingerprint scanner on the right side — where it is most convenient to use while holding the smartphone in hand. The placement of the four cameras in the form of the letter L has allowed to establish within the housing a high-capacity battery, while maintaining a surprisingly small thickness of the smartphone. Camera novelty is equipped with four lenses, and in no way behind the best camera phone 2019 — Huawei P30 Pro. Is used for shooting an incredible 48-megapixel module and three optional lens: for wide-angle, optical zoom and a sensor 3D ToF (Time Of Flight), creating the background blur effect when shooting portraits. The front camera 20 Pro Honor not lagging behind cutting-edge trends in the industry and is placed in the cutout on the display diameter 4.5 mm Smartphone with a powerful processor Huawei Kirin 980 designed for use with artificial intelligence technology and designed for flagship smartphones.

Honor 20: the most important

The Junior model Honor 20 compares favorably with traditional flagship lines that uses all the same impressive features of the new: the same display, powerful processor and incredibly attractive coating appearance with high-precision surface treatment technology Triple 3D Mesh. Its front camera placed in the cutout on the front panel display. And the main camera, supporting technologies artificial intelligence and scene recognition shooting, uses the same 48-megapixel module and additional lenses for wide angle shots and optical zoom. Along with attractive price that makes Honor 20 best choice to buy modern youth smartphone, consistently producing elegant impression of your appearance and advanced technological capabilities.

About Citrus

“Citrus” — a national network of shops of gadgets and innovative technology, founded in 2000, Today the Citrus is a leading online store and a chain of 52 stores operating in the unique for Ukraine format of innovative entertainment centers with open access to products, interactive areas of virtual reality, electric vehicle, smart home devices. The citrus develops its own network of authorized service centers and rentals of electric vehicles, as well as unparalleled educational spaces “, Zahab” and “Citrus Academy” in the flagship stores.




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