The most popular cars in Ukraine distributed reliability

Самые популярные в Украине авто распределили по надежности

The rating of vehicles with different quality.Specialists of the company “Ukravtoservice” has made a rating of reliability among the most popular cars on the Ukrainian market, reports the with reference on the center.

Proper operation and durability of the steering is one of the most important factors in the operation of the vehicle. Every year the reliability of certain units in order to reduce the final cost of the car is reduced. An enviable margin of safety which characterized machines of previous years, today ceased to be relevant in the priority list of most automakers. This is especially a concern when we talk about such an important element of security and control as steering.

Based on years of experience the specialists of the company “Ukravtoservice” has prepared the rating of the cars, characterized by quality and reliability of the steering system:

Audi 80/100

BMW 7 Series (E32)

Daewoo Lanos

Mazda 6 (GG)

Mercedes-Benz (W124)

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140)

Opel Astra F

Toyota Camry 30/40

Toyota Corolla е150

Toyota Land Cruiser 100/200

To talk about the quality of steering mechanisms and their longevity is quite difficult for many reasons. Wear is influenced by such factors as timely, quality supplies chassis, the qualifications of the experts who are working on THE repair or replacement of the units chassis. Malfunction of one element can adversely affect the entire chassis. It must be remembered that deferred for later repair can result in damage to the steering rack and need costly repairs. Also do not forget that in recent years, the resource of units and aggregates worldwide began to fall noticeably.

An important aspect is the location of the steering rack on the car. It can be installed in front of the wheels, with the wheels on the subframe or on the motor shield. The steering rack can be fastened to the subframe via bushings, or without them – which also affects the durability of the steering rack.

For example, for Daewoo Lanos, Espero and Nexia, Opel Astra F, Audo 100 and a number of other popular models, the steering rack is located directly on the motor shield. The advantages of this design include minimal exposure to dirt and water on the steering mechanism even with the tightness of the steering boot. The downside is the difficulty of visual inspection of the strips and the increase in the cost of dismantling to identify the problem and repair. Also, the steering rack on the motor shield does not provide the sharpness and information content as its counterpart mounted on the subframe. But, it can properly serve more than 10 years, or if runs of more than 250-350 km.

For Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi L200 and Pajero, BMW E39 E46 steering rack installed in front of the front axle and attaches to the subframe via bushings – it absorbs shocks and maintains the integrity of the sector worm gear. In this case, the steering is much more informative compared to the rail on the motor shield. But a serious drawback is that, in this case, the anthers steering rods exposed to “the road” that can lead to the violation of their integrity. With this design the owners are faced with the need to repair the rails for the run 200-300 thousand km.

On the Mazda6, Opel Astra G, Renault Kangoo and Megane steering rack is located on the subframe behind the front axle. This design provides the best informative steering, and the anthers steering rods are better protected. But in this case the steering rack is very sensitive to the quality of the roads. Taking into account the Ukrainian realities, this leads to increased wear of the sector worm gear. Accordingly, the repair of such structures can occur when you run 150-200 thousand km.


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