The most ridiculous robbery in the history

Самые нелепые ограбления в истории

And laughter, and sin.

The recent robbery of vipshop in canadian Winnipeg was forced to recall other, less spectacular examples of idiocy captured on a security camera. Thanks to the Internet video with them as DVRs, have become an inexhaustible source of action, typically the most ridiculous, reports the with reference to

The robbers broke into the store to vapers, but I do not understand what to take

The owners of vipshop in canadian Winnipeg has not regretted money for a video surveillance system thanks to what we witnessed yet the most ridiculous robbery of the year.

Victims vapers not only posted a video on Youtube, but also provided him with their comments – a comment was that.

The main problem of robbery definitely was the profile of the store. The criminals did not understand what they take, and the result was grasping at everything. According to the owners of vipshop, it was either the cheapest items in the shop, or empty boxes standing on the stands. As the robbers did not bring any bags or backpacks as containers (empty boxes, recall) has been used dumpster. In the process the tank cover fall off – and then the bottom. That, however, one of the heroes of the video says immediately.

Desperate to find something valuable, the robbers took an old laptop – but also not without difficulty. Charging him forgotten, though she carefully arises.

The store owners promised $ 2,000 for the capture of the thieves, but it is likely that those already have died of shame.

Resistant small

The story of this Chinese Bank robbery in 2011, reminiscent of classic scenes from horror movies where the villain bursts into the room with the victims.

Upon entering the Bank, the robber wore a mask slowly than has already led to the sacred horror of two cashiers, who were separated from the premises bulletproof glass. After 10 seconds a masked thief took a hammer and started to hammer the glass.

It is difficult to say what I felt at that time cashier, but perhaps something similar was experienced by the wife of the hero of Jack Nicholson in the Shining. However, the process was delayed, and the victim managed to calm down, and cause all the police of China.

To be inside, the thief had to hammering away at the glass more than three minutes – in the end the hole was too small and had to expand. On the way back, the thief managed to put a hole in one leg – and then she grabbed police came to the rescue. However, not restrained and allowed to run him out of the room, but not for long.

Politeness is the main weapon…

In 2011, at a gas station in Seattle there was the most polite robbery of the store, which only got the lenses of surveillance cameras. All took place in a very relaxed atmosphere. The client was paying at the cashier, exchanging duty phrases with the seller, and the same duty, without any change of tone, pulled out a gun and offered to Packed together with goods and revenues. By happy coincidence, the scene was filmed with sound and we could hear their dialogue.

– Would you do me a favor?- Yes?- Could you pull out bills from the cash drawer and put them here on the counter?- Are you sure?- Yes. Why do you want me to do that? Because I need the money. I have children who need to be fed. I know, sir, I’m aware and I’m really, really sorry to do this, but I have children.- What if I offered you $ 40, and we split up?- I’m sorry, but I can’t go. I need to pay rent, and the children have to eat.

After receiving the money, the thief again apologized profusely and even promised them to return, when “on his feet”. The story of the polite thief told the owner of the robbed gas station. As it turned out, polite thief was Gregory Paul Hess. Years earlier, he had received from the FBI the nickname “transaction bandit” – for what extorted small amounts the cashiers at the Bank, using the same arguments. In 2004, he sat in prison for five years, and went out, took the old one – but in places simpler. In his “polite robbery” Hess used a fake gun. For the robbery of filling Hess sat down again – this time only for two years.

They just really wanted a Taco

Robbery of tacerii in Las Vegas in 2015 barely would get into this collection. It was extremely stupid: dudes with noise broke into a private club, ran through it in search of profit, finally, the root pulled out the cash register and fled in a waiting car.

As the owners of the canadian vipshop, the owners of tacerii imbued with the video from surveillance cameras and remount it in the ad. Like, guys just really wanted a Taco and we take full responsibility for what acts people will do for them.

The great escape

In the comments to the above video one of the users advised to look for thieves among the unemployed. In his opinion, they are not aware that at night the cash registers are usually empty – cash is removed before closing. Right or wrong, the hero of this video decided to take the cash for sure – and showed up to Rob the store in broad daylight. But chose a bad moment: he had to pull the camera itself, as in the next second he was already rocked from the seller, armed with a Golf club.

In further developments the main victims was the door through which the thief tried to leave the room under a hail of blows. Had planned in this situation, take cash with you, or not, is unknown. But at least it opened the way of salvation to freedom.

Beer bandits

In American and canadian stories about robberies often involved so-called beer bandits. These thugs are either not experienced enough or cowardly to threaten sellers, and prefer to take the product.

One of the most revealing stories about beer bandits occurred in Miami in 2014. A pair of attackers tried to make the beer a little more than $ 100 – banks 72.

Loaded with beer, the hero of the video decided to leave the store ramming method. He did not realize that to open even a lightweight door you have to turn the handle, otherwise all in vain. After the first collision with reality, the thieves still managed to leave the store and hide. On the road part of the cans was lost, but the numbers of the Honda where got beer bandits, for a long time played on local TV.

As already mentioned, Canada is a leader in the number of bizarre robberies. Whether the local news pay attention to them more often, or just something in the air – who knows? In 2018 a surveillance camera of a supermarket in Edmonton filmed masterpiece that would be envied by Soderbergh himself with his friends and friends of Oushena.

Interesting that the video starts at the moment when the incident, in theory, have been exhausted. Some drunk couple trying to leave the store with the loot, but it was detained by the police. The problem is that the police one, and violators two. First sees the guy – but after the aimless running around the store, it seems. But the girl pumped stealth: once in the back of the store, she correctly finds an alternative way out of the situation. But something goes wrong – and this is a must see.

Meanwhile in Russia

Of course, a ridiculous smash-and-grabs happen, not only in Canada and the USA, but we. But most videos of the thief or Lam, or just grabs on merit from sellers. Drama often rests on many videos and that our sellers are not so familiar with the culture of store robberies in advanced countries, and just don’t know how to behave. So the situation is maximum awkward:


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