The mother of a baby killed with shots from a range relives the tragedy

La mère d’un bébé tué à coups de fourchette revit la tragédie

In Montreal, whose unborn baby was killed with blows of the fork meat by her then-husband, reported to the court Monday, all of the suffering and the pain that she has experienced.

“I wanted it so much, my son… He [Sofiane Ghazi] I was ripped off violently. I have given a meaning to this death: it is [the baby] who saved my life by giving his own”, wrote the ex-spouse of the murderer, in a letter read to the court on Monday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The 36 year old woman, whose identity is protected by the tribunal, emotionally testified in respect of the murder of the child she had in her, which occurred in July 2017.

At the time, the woman was in a relationship with Sofiane Ghazi, a violent man who had already told him that he had not wanted a third child that she was carrying in her womb.

Jealous, possessive and consumer of crack cocaine, Ghazi took on it, attacking their unborn baby.

Pain unimaginable

Thus, with a flesh-fork, he gave up 19 hits to his wife, mainly at the level of the belly.

“Every morning, I relive the event: the smell… the blood… the sight of my dead baby… the pain…” said the woman, describing the nightmare that she has lived and continues to live.

Seriously injured, the woman must be the salvation of his neighbor, who brought him relief. But if she survived, her baby died, just after his birth by caesarean section.

“I survived evil, I survived the hateful, violence… I am here to show power over my life, to show my stability, she added. I chose to fight for my [other] children, to build them a present and a happy future.”


Since the tragedy, Ghazi pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of murder not premeditated, and attempted murder. He was back at the court yesterday, for arguments on the sentence to impose.

Sofiane Ghazi killed a baby who was in the womb of his mother with blows of the fork meat.

His ex-spouse, on his side, fighting constantly to hold on, despite the trauma.

Present in the courtroom, she testified with aplomb, head held high, despite the emotion that visibly wash over him.

“In front of my children, I am resilient, I am happy and I am in control, she said. [But] when my children are sleeping, I look at myself in the mirror, marked with a scar […] me plunging in a bath of blood. A horror, unfortunately, become daily.”

Ghazi, for his part, did not report any regret. His only statement was the one where he claimed to be a “victim” of the “provocations” of his wife. His brother has also sent the court a letter, where it says that Ghazi is a “man with a big heart, respectful, and pious”.

No regrets

In the Face of this absence of regret, in addition to the dynamic of violence that he had established with his ex-spouse, the Crown prosecutor asked that Ghazi is sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole until they have served 18 years.

“He wanted to take control of it by stripping it of what it has of more precious, pleaded Me Chantal Michaud, recalling the scourge that is domestic violence. He not only took on his son, but he did when he was still in the womb of his mother. This is a unique case.”

His lawyer, Steve Hanafi, for his part, suggested that the eligibility period for a release to be set at 12 years.

“Monsieur was not going well, it is not well suited to the country,” argued the criminal defence lawyer, recalling that, after hiding for a few hours after the drama, he had gone himself to the police.

The judge of the superior Court of Québec, Jean-François Buffoni, will make its decision next month. But, regardless of the sentence in which it is taxable, once out of prison, Ghazi will face deportation to his Algerian hometown.

What they have said

“I will never allow my children to be unhappy, they deserve only the best. Now I want to me promote, be independent… a woman who believes, being a woman full. I have taken over the reins of my life.”

-The former spouse of Sofiane Ghazi

“Today, 26 months after the tragedy, my daughter still suffers from his physical and emotional scars. But my daughter, I found it to be very strong, since no one to my knowledge has such a high level of resilience.”

-The mother of the ex-spouse of Sofiane Ghazi

“To punish [his wife], he has not hesitated to take his son. The child was born alive, but died of the blows which have been worn when he was in the womb of its mother.”

-Me Chantal Michaud, attorney for the Crown

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