The mother of dragons is not the same: Emilia Clarke in the image of a butterfly decorated with a fashionable gloss

Матерь драконов уже не та: Эмилия Кларк в образе бабочки украсила модный глянец

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke – British actress of theatre, film and television. Best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the television series “Game of thrones”. She is active user of social media, particularly Instagram, where to share with fans the news of his creative and personal life. Emilia is also famous for its excellent sense of humor and cheerful character that perfectly clear in her post on the network.

So, this time the famous actress has published on his page on the cover of the Spanish edition of Vogue magazine. Emilia became the heroine of the new issue and graced the cover of gloss in an incredible way. For the fashion photo shoot the mother of dragons wearing surround a deep yellow dress with a huge bow on the back, making her look like a butterfly. Her short hair slicked back in a simple hairstyle, face easy natural makeup, and his unusual decoration. Emilia photographed as if from the side, but the shot, barely vestisches, got a huge bow on the dress. Emilia with a deadpan expression looking at the camera.

In the caption to the photo is the cover star of “Game of thrones” wrote: “@voguespain You added yellow to my maturity and dammit, my confidence just got a delightful boost. #ifonlyiwokeuplikethat #grasias @narrativepr @jennychohair @kateleemakeup @jennahipp @ simonrobins1000 @ thomaswhiteside”. Fans of the mother of dragons could not pass and began to actively comment on the new publication star. Emilia Clarke fall asleep compliments and likes, but its unusual image sparked a lot of discussion in the comments to the photos. Some simply congratulate the actress with a beautiful cover of Vogue.

We will remind, a star of “Game of thrones” disfigured himself beyond recognition.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the “Mother of Dragons” caught with her new boyfriend.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that exclusive details of the finale of “Game of thrones” leaked on to the network.


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