The mother of Viktor Pavlik lives in constant fear

Viktor Pavlik told how to hide the disease son from mom

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Already a month all the gossip about the new young bride of 53-year-old Viktor Pavlik. Fans of the singer in shock. They didn’t even know that he divorced a previous wife. Now think about the artist’s personal life is no one knows except mom. From her Viktor Pavlik does not hide anything.

Your restless son mom always understood. And helped in everything, whatever he asked. Becoming an actress for a clip in nearly 80 years – easy!

“I call saying, “Mom, you will come to the guy tomorrow and you will be removed. To which she hurriedly replied, “Oh, what am I supposed to take?” Say: “Yes do not need to take, whether home – all at home”. Mom says, “Well, son, whatever you say”, – said Viktor Pavlik in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

Мама Виктора Павлика живет в постоянном страхе

In all his life Viktor Pavlik only once was afraid to call my mom. Then, when they had to announce the terrible news about his son’s disease. Then 19-year-old Paul was diagnosed with cancer.

“I think I was trying to keep it all a secret, I knew that the mother will survive,” – says the artist.

And my mother prayed for grandson day and night, as thousands of friends and fans. Today Paul is recovering. And Victor did not wait for the Christmas when they all go to visit in Terebovlya.

“Sad because my mom is very lonely – well, TV, the Bible, the book well – it is very difficult. She is constantly in some kind of fear” – shared Viktor Pavlik.

Мама Виктора Павлика живет в постоянном страхе

Viktor Pavlik

And fortunately mom is when the kids come to visit.

“I come already all prepared… tell her: “Mom, don’t bother, she’s hard still, no matter how, 80 years on the nose, – says Viktor Pavlik in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”. A mother’s love is a special love… love your parents and always remember them, never forget! Try to make for mom while she is still alive, then to not be late and take a lifetime to repent”.

Earlier, Viktor Pavlik told about a difficult childhood and for which he is still ashamed.

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