The movers exposed to the COVID-19

Les déménageurs exposés à la COVID-19

Move the 1er in July is often a headache, but this year, the COVID-19 further complicates things for the movers and tenants.

The moving companies have had to put in place several measures to protect against the coronavirus and to protect their clients.

“24 to 48 hours before [the move], we are going to communicate with customers to find out if they have symptoms. If they have symptoms, we ask that the clients are more responsible and they tell us the truth,” explains Jean-Sébastien Bonin, Moving The Capital.

The day of the move, several measures of hygiene should be respected.

Some moving companies, including moving The Capital, ask their customers to have soap available to movers in their bathroom and paper towels so they can wash their hands regularly.

“Me, what I am asking is that every time my men are in a room, it is to stay away in another room or outside, not to touch the furniture, not touching the boxes,” added Jean-Sébastien Bonin.

The trucks are also disinfected from A to Z between each client.

If the movers are invited to wear gloves and a mask, the conditions under which they work often make sure that they remove them.

“The men all gloves, also masks. The guys engaged in a physical activity still difficult, so it is sure that if he makes more than 25 degrees, 30 degrees, it is a little more difficult for the guys to keep the masks,” says Alessandro Salvatore, Clan Panneton.

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