The musical show of the queen of burlesque: Lili St-Cyr lives again on stage

The musical show of the queen of burlesque: Lili St-Cyr lives again on stage


Lili St-Cyr will be back on stage next summer. Marie-Pier Labrecque and Lunou Zucchini will star in a new musical show inspired by the Montreal career of the queen of burlesque, presented in Kingsey Falls from June 2023.

American stripper, it was in Montreal that Lili St-Cyr had her most prosperous years, performing many times at the Gayety Theater or at the El Morocco cabaret. Her name, stamped in large letters on the awnings of the metropolis, made the crowds run, marking with a red iron the nocturnal nights of the time. 

She was then “as famous as Maurice Richard” , insists Kevin Houle, producer and composer of the show Lili St-Cyr – Le théâtre musical

“It’s kind of the first in a long line of Kim Kardashian of this world; she was the first to assume and monetize her physical appearance. Lili St-Cyr was a great artist who challenged conventions and played with audacity and ingenuity throughout her career,” he says. 

Marie-Pier Labrecque ( O', District 31) will don sequins and feathers to bring Lili St-Cyr to life. Lunou Zucchini will play the fictional character of Sophie Leblanc, a cabaret singer who fears losing her place in the spotlight to the benefit of the stripper. Maxime Denommée will join them, in the role of an ambitious security guard at the Théâtre Gayety.

Reality and fiction 

Because if the Spectators will be transported back to the 1940s to follow the rise of Lili St-Cyr, this new show will draw as much on reality as on the imagination of its author, Mélissa Cardona. Some events will therefore be true, but we will still take a lot of liberties in the name of entertainment. 

Its musical score will be composed of 16 original songs with modern arrangements, certainly, but with the flavors of the time with its jazz and swing accents. A single cover, borrowed from Edith Piaf's repertoire, will complete the program of the show. The choreography will be by Alex Francoeur, while the staging has been entrusted to Benoît Landry. 

Lili St-Cyr – Le spectacle musical will be presented starting June 30, 2023 at Kingsey Hall in Kingsey Falls.