The mysterious disease turned the girl in the alien: photo

The face of the Brits due to the strong swelling began to expand in the cheeks

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Загадочная болезнь превратила девушку в инопланетянку: фото

From a Brit, Caitlin began a severe allergic reaction

Wearer Twitter with the nickname RhiRob99 showed how the changed face of her friend Caitlin due to severe allergies. Pretty British in a matter of days turned into a “alien.” At first, the guys didn’t notice the symptoms of the disease, but when it became clear that the girlfriend has started swelling on the face, they went to doctors.

Caitlin didn’t think the swelling may be stronger, but at one point her face started to expand in the cheeks, which only increased the resemblance to an alien.

Watch the video how to avoid allergies to pollen and Cottonwood fluff:

“On Saturday morning we woke up early and saw that the swelling started to spread to the eyes,” writes RhiRob99. Only then the company decided to leave the festival a day before its end.

The girl knows about his allergies to certain herbs. The situation has gone so far only because, for some reason, antihistamines have not worked.

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