The mysterious Goblin terrorizes children Galkin and Pugacheva – “the Connection with the magic world”

Таинственный домовой терроризирует детей Галкина и Пугачевой – "Связь с магическим миром"

Galkin photo: Instagram

today, 10:19

As you know, the famous actor and male legendary Pugacheva Maxim Galkin actively own Instagram page and often puts different pictures and videos. So, this time, the comedian has pleased fans of interesting videos with my own daughter.

So, it is Galkin showed his daughter Lisa, who tells the camera that he believes in house, which gives her a unique brand, but in turn asks for sweets.

Таинственный домовой терроризирует детей Галкина и Пугачевой – "Связь с магическим миром"

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva, photo: Facebook

“Recently, a mysterious House leaves Gary and Lisa in the house in unexpected places magic crystals. Enriched with crystals, children, began an epistolary relationship with the magical world at the piers, began to enjoy more earthly postage stamp. What was the best, as circumstantial evidence stocks of crystals, even in this economic sector, as we have run out”, – has signed a video, the husband of the prima Donna.

Note that the fans really liked this video. This is evidenced by more than a million views and thousands of likes. In addition, the note a lot of comments that believe that for my daughter Galkina caught a good brownie.

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