The mysterious object hit our galaxy: what was it

No hypothesis is unable to reliably answer the question of what really “hit” the milky Way

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Загадочный объект ударил по нашей галактике: что это было

This cosmic event while there are three possible explanations

At the April meeting of the American physical society at Harvard University presented a report in which scientists announced about the strange event that occurred in our galaxy. At a distance of 45 thousand light years from Earth of a mysterious object punched a hole in a stellar stream GD-1 located in the milky Way.

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Astronomers saw the collision in the form of “strings” of stars that exploded like a bullet shot in space. Like it would leave the object with mass of the order of millions of solar and a size in diameter from 30 to 65 light years.

No hypothesis is unable to reliably answer the question, what was this “intruder” galactic order. On the one hand, it could be a star smaller than the calculated, but moving with tremendous speed, but nowhere in the vicinity not found any similar glowing object.

Загадочный объект ударил по нашей галактике: что это было

Comparison of real observations (top) GD-1 and its computer model (bottom), in which flow was experienced massive body

It should be noted that such gaps in the galaxy are formed regularly in a collision and the absorption of dwarf galaxies and star clusters, but in this situation there is only one gap at the point of collision. There’s 3 possible explanations.

  1. The galaxy went through a supermassive black hole, similar to that found in the nucleus of the galaxy, but the presence of a second giant’s we would have noticed, so this option is unlikely.
  2. Hole did a star cluster or dwarf galaxy, we just can’t track them, at least for now.
  3. The milky way rammed the clump of dark matter with a diameter of about 30-65 light years. At the moment it is the most likely version, but to ignore the other yet before.

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Star flow — a threadlike Association of stars orbiting around the galactic center in an elongated orbit. They were ejected from globular clusters or dwarf galaxy and is now distributed along the orbit by tidal forces. GD-1 is opened relatively recently, in 2006, and is located at a distance of about 14 kiloparsec from Earth. Presumably, initially the stars of this stream belonged to one ball accumulation. To read about the report at this link.

We will remind that earlier in our galaxy has found a “pipeline” out of the black hole. And last year the milky Way attacked the 13 hyperspeed stars out of the black hole.

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