The mystery fades

Le mystère s’atténue

The issuance cult 1980s Records mystery is reborn on Netflix. Its new incarnation has been entertaining, but slight lack of piquancy. The guilty pleasure of a generation of children and teenagers being impressionable is no longer what it once was. This is why we prefer to retype the original episodes available on Amazon Prime.

Everyone remembers Folders mystery, or Unsolved Mysteries in English. Born in 1987 in the american network NBC, this documentary series has terrorized many sensitive souls by relating to crimes not committed, the disappearances never clarified, and, above all, of the paranormal phenomena.

Several years after you have left the air and sunk into oblivion, as most of the business that she unearths, the series constantly returns on Netflix with six new episodes. But for a reason that is unknown, it was renamed The investigations extraordinary in French.

And yet, it is beautiful and much of Folders mystery, since in the opening credits, we find with great happiness its famous theme music, slightly revamped. During these 30 seconds, strictly instrumental, the magic is still there.

Allison Rivera and Rey Rivera sped past the perfect happiness before a tragedy occurs.


The rest, however, is disappointing. The stories told are of interest, but after having watched countless series of type true crime in recent years, our criteria are obviously more severe.

Take the first episode, for example. It paints the portrait of Ray and Allison Rivera, a couple who leads a quiet life until the day when mr. “hastily leaves the house” after receiving a phone call. A week later, her body is found lifeless. This former player of water polo, who dreamed of becoming a filmmaker would be thrown from the roof of a hotel in Baltimore. The fairy tale just turned into a nightmare.

The scenario is well put together, the testimonies are compelling, but after 52 minutes, it continues to run in circles in the survey. And it is here that one recalls the title of the program : Files mystery. Our questions remain unanswered.

This is the same ride with each episode. Even that devoted to extra-terrestrial disappoints. It transports us in September 1969 in Massachusetts. During the same evening, citizens of the same county, without any apparent links between them, observe a ” unexplained phenomenon “. While one speaks of” a huge floating object “, the other mentions ” a big ball of light “, and so on. Two stakeholders reveal the same to have been removed for a few minutes. Their testimonies are compelling, but after ten minutes or so, it would be passed on to the next topic.

Robert Stack hosted the first seasons of Folders mystery.

Guilty pleasure

This is why we prefer to watch the first seasons of Folders mystery, that Amazon Prime relays for some time. Category of guilty pleasure, it is hard to beat. Alone, the reconstructions are worth the price of the monthly subscription to the service. They are as badly played as a tv movie, series B which resumed in the afternoon.

And what of the cases studied ! A monster like a kangaroo-reptile that terrorizes the inhabitants of Puerto Rico, the south american herbs that boost the libido, an agency that silences people who claim to have seen ufos… get Out the popcorn !

Unfortunately, the dubbed version in French of’Unsolved Mysteries that TQS has supplanted at the turn of the decades 1980 and 1990 is not available on Amazon Prime. We must be satisfied with the original, driven by Robert Stack, who presented each folder in a grave voice and velvety, just enough pompous. All of them, wandering in a setting of old manor house poorly lit, or alley malfamée.

Notice to those who are thinking of revisiting the series, you’ll see Matthew McConaughey in his first role in a career. In a reconstitution particularly melodrama, the actor plays a young man stabbed to death while cutting the lawn. You can admire his performance in episode 12, season 5.

Investigations extraordinary (Unsolved Mysteries) is available in French version (with or without subtitles) on Netflix.

The first 12 seasons are on Amazon Prime in English only.

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