The mystery of the severed heads of Fana in Mali

Le mystère des têtes coupées de Fana au Mali

FANA | Face devoid of expression, such as paralyzed, Boubou Sangaré shows the floor of the finger. It is there, in front of the door of this house in banco, that he discovered his brother beheaded on 10 June to 7 h battery.

Bakary Sangaré was lying with her head resting next to his body drained. Forty minutes later, the land was buckled and the early signs are collected: a bar of iron and drops of blood leading up to two tracks of the wheels of the motorcycle behind the house.

The former soldier forty years, and is the eighth victim of decapitation from 2018 to Fana, a town in the South of mali 36 000 inhabitants.

Fana the cotton and shopping is built at the edge of the national which connects the capital city of Bamako and Ségou, only one axis in the tar of the city where new neighbourhoods sink deeper and deeper into the bush, verdant, often without water or electricity.

It is far from the violence of jihadists, and community that have cast a shadow over the north and centre of the country since 2012.

A city without history, if not the chronicle of these beheadings without author nor mobile known. In the streets of earth, cracked by the new rains, the issue has spread like grow the grasses round about: Fana would she be smitten with a curse?

Each time, the mode of operation is the same. The victim is beheaded with a knife. We discover in the morning the corpse drained of blood, washed away by the murderers. Once the head was gone. But the bodies themselves are left in place.

Children also

The profile of the beheaded? People geographically isolated, often socially. Six of the eight lived in the same neighborhood modest Badialan, at the edge of the bush.

Unable to establish other links between the deceased. There was a housewife, a guard antenna telephone, a child with albinism by five year-old, a two year old girl…

The tracks of a settlement of accounts or killings motivated by money seem to be far apart. Crimes rituals as it has already existed in Mali? There was “no evidence at this stage”, replied the prosecutor Boubacar Diarra, even if it is “a working hypothesis”.

The magistrate and the brigade commander Lamine Diakite turn and go back the case in every direction, without finding the key.

Eleven men have been put under lock for 2018 without that the murders will cease. The attorney shows to be discreet about the charges against them. Impatience wins in the population that demands justice.

“We can not impose a rhythm of inquiry, as elsewhere in the world, it has not the same means such as video surveillance cameras!”, defends the prosecutor in the office of the court of Fana just installed the end of 2019.

“It will happen”, he says, and at first, it is necessary that residents cooperate. But they seem to be afraid of ending up with the death to the kits. Here, we are “afraid of being killed if you denounce someone,” says a source close to the investigation.

Deadly premonitions

A black vehicle was reportedly spotted not far from one of the crime scenes, the phones have merely a night on the premises of another… All the tracks are good to explore.

The traditional leader Adama Traoré, surrounded in his home of the council of notables, is not optimistic. “The only thing we could do was ask for more security. It has been accepted, but nothing happens and it continues,” says the old man, authority ankylosed in front of the psychosis that has gripped the city.

The first killings have led to protests and looting. A office was then opened at the beginning of 2019 and, for the first time, Fana has seen police officers patrol alongside the police and national guards already present.

But this “is not enough!”, reacts the retired teacher Bakary Bagayoko, one of the notables, citing pell-mell in the gaps: the checkpoint at the entrance of the city that has been closed, public lighting, which is lacking.

“Fana has turned into a slaughterhouse human”, laments-t-he arms dangling. “The population is worried. Everyone suspects everyone. When a family member comes out to make a race, one wonders: is he going to come back?”

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