The mystery of Tina Karol blurted out Monatik: ready to sing at the wedding

Тайну Тины Кароль выболтал Monatik: готов спеть на свадьбе

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol and singer Dan Balan — coaches vocal show “the Voice”. Between the performers clearly have chemistry. The contractor Monatik, who is also coaching the chair, said that he is ready even to sing at the wedding of their colleagues of Tina Karol and Dan Balan.

He stated in an interview “the high life”.

“It is very interesting to observe their relationship. I don’t know what they have going on there. Dan Balan brought a lot into this show, I think Tina as something else shows itself: she is so funny, as on the wings,” said the singer.


Dmitry Monatik also noted that the performers are interesting to watch because they’re both always in a good mood.

“I don’t want to be intriganta. I am in favour of people were happy anyway. Just glad that they have a good mood, they are always a great dancer and their dialogue is fun and interesting to watch. We are always Potap ears pitch: now that Dan will throw the Shadows?” – said Dmitry Monatik .

Recently, Tina Karol ‘ is literally bitten by one of the members of the jury. The story caught on video. Tina Karol before the performance of the participant from his team Artem fishing line, which she “stole” the Moldovan artist, turned to his colleague and said that now he sees that so touches it.

Their flirting is expected intervened Potapov, who asked them, their “canguros”. Namely, since Dan Balan called Tina a show. To which the couple replied that they will not disclose all the cards.

Recall that Carol gave the Ukrainians the summer in the middle of spring, this flower.

Previously “Know.ia reported that the famous Ukrainian producer and rapper Potap suddenly had a new coach project, Dan Balan.

As he wrote, “Know.ia” Dan Balan ex “the Voice” made Tina Karol nervous: you have to see that face.


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